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By: Powersmiths  09-12-2011
Keywords: Sustainability, Electricity, Management Systems

Great schools are about people – students, teachers, administrators and specialist staff. However, next to salaries, energy costs are a school's greatest expense. Powersmiths K-12 products:

  • Reduce electricity consumption
  • Lower operating costs
  • Help earn points for LEED and CHPS certification
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Contribute to a sustainable future

You have the power to reduce energy costs.

The long lifespan of your electrical distribution system means that efficiencies gained at the outset go on to deliver savings for twenty-five to forty years. Powersmiths’ super-efficient electrical products exceed regulated efficiency standards to significantly reduce your on-going electricity costs. Payback on the incremental cost differential is usually as short as two to three years while savings continue for life of the equipment.

Solutions for the K-12 sector include: super efficient electrical transformers that reduce electricity waste and noise; energy monitoring and management systems to help you identify opportunities for further savings; and 3D learning tools to help you involve students and staff in your on-going energy conservation programs.

You have the power to make your schools’ electricity systems friendly to a high tech world.

Powersmiths’ super efficient transformers are designed to deliver the kind of power quality demanded by high tech equipment, ensuring clean undistorted power to meet your school's needs today and into the future.

You have the power to teach environmental awareness.

Powersmiths Windows on the World™ (WOW) sustainability information system supports your efforts to use your school facility as a learning tool for sustainability.

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Other products and services from Powersmiths


Powersmiths - Power for the Future - commercial

Powersmiths high efficiency harmonic-correcting transformers increase the reliability and lifespan of the electronic equipment and lower operating costs. The twenty-five to forty year lifespan of your electrical system ensures that first cost is only a fraction of full lifecycle cost. Powersmiths electrical distribution and energy management products can help you to. Reduce the adverse environmental impacts of electricity generation.


Powersmiths - Power for the Future - government

A standard low first cost transformer can waste two and a half times more electricity than a Powersmiths super-efficient transformer. The twenty-five to forty year lifecycle of your electrical system ensures that first cost is only a fraction of full lifecycle cost. Governments are taking a leadership role in demonstrating environmental sustainability and slowing climate change.


Powersmiths - Power for the Future - data centers

In addition to surpassing the minimum requirements of EPACT2005 it offers the lowest life cycle cost, contributes additional energy savings toward LEED and lowers greenhouse gas emissions to address climate change. In mission critical environments, the reduction of a single watt of waste at the distribution transformer can result in 1.5 watt saving throughout the whole system.


Powersmiths - Power for the Future - health care

Organizations such as University of Texas Medical Center, M.D. Anderson Cancer Research Center, Florida Hospital and many more put their trust in Powersmiths technologies and professional support systems. Unlike the mechanical equipment of the past, new digital equipment sets up harmonic distortions in the electrical current that affect the reliability and lifespan of expensive electronic equipment.


Powersmiths - Power for the Future - college university

By correcting power quality, Powersmiths transformers increase the lifespan and improve the functioning of sensitive equipment, while reducing electricity waste and increasing reliability. Powersmiths works with colleges and universities to help them achieve greater energy efficiency and high quality electrical power. Institutions committed to environmental sustainability principles appreciate that Powersmiths shares their commitment.


Powersmiths - Power for the Future - solutions

All buildings can contribute to energy conservation, environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Powersmiths power distribution and energy management products. Help you monitor and manage energy use. Contribute to a greener environment. Don’t be blindsided by first cost.