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By: O'brien's Pianos  09-12-2011

Pin block and bridge replacement
Pin blocks and bridge are duplicated to original factory specifications.

Action rebuilding
Actions are completely disassembled and hammers, dampers, strings and felts are replaced. We specialize in Steinway Grand rebuilding, including bridge replacement, pin blocks, and boards and actions.Action regulatingKey recovering

Cabinet refinishingTuning
With over 20 years experience in tuning and technical work, we can tune and service all types and makes of pianos. We recommend your piano be tuned at least once a year to ensure that your piano stays at concert pitch preventing unnecessary stress on the frame and plate. To book your tuning, please call Rob at (905) 454-3203.Sale of pianos
Want to purchase a one of a kind beautifully restored and rebuilt piano? Visit our online showroom to view our selection. If you can’t find a style or make you like, we can locate the piano and restore it for you to meet your exact specifications.