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By: New World Chem  09-12-2011
Keywords: Recycling, Waste, Environmentally Safe Practices

ServicesThe major part of our services is to assist our customers in recycling solvent waste. Recycling has become an intricate part of waste management for most parts of the industrial world. By definition, recycling is the reuse of materials that would ordinarily be considered waste. It helps lessen the amount of waste that goes into landfills, reduces the amount of toxic chemicals absorbed into the earth and, in some cases, significantly reduces manufacturing costs and energy consumption.New World Chem Inc. provides world class leadership in resource recovery through the separation of organic chemicals, innovative technologies, and environmentally safe practices. The world co-exists with industries, which serve to enrich the quality of our lives by providing jobs and making life easier. Development of chemicals is a key component to industrial progress. It is possible for companies to develop and use chemicals responsibly to advance industrial progress while protecting our environment by lowering emissions and re-using chemicals.
In such a world chemicals would never touch our air, soils or waterways. Through innovative and environmentally safe practices, chemicals can be collected and given new life. They can be separated and resold. They can be converted from one chemical state to another. New World Chem Inc. can play a vital role in the sustainability of such a world. As other companies grasp the concept of sustainable development, they seek ways to recycle or reuse chemical waste at their plant site. New World Chem Inc. provides consulting to those companies whose chemical recycling needs can be met safely and economical.Our vision sees a world where people and all the industrial advances, live in harmony with our environment.

Furthermore, New World Chem Inc. also acts an agent between our suppliers and customers in various chemical related fields such as import/export of pigments and related products, and much more.

We provide convenience to our vendors and customers alike by providing excellent services by linking both needs from East to West and North to South.Products- Long oil alkyd resins
- Medium oil alkyd resins
- Short oil alkyd resins
- Silicone modified alkyds
- Acrylic modified alkyds
- Saturated polyester resins
- Urethane modified alkyds
- Water reducible alkyds
- Water based varnishes
- Epoxy resins- Coatings, Composites
- Shellac -Food, pharmaceutical and industrial grade
- Adhesion promoters- Silanes
- Benzoic acid
- Benzyl alcohol
- Carbon black
- C5-C9 hydrocarbon resins
- Dryers
- Numeric acid
- Maleic acid
- Melamine
- Melamine formaldehyde
- Propylene Glycol
- Urea formaldehyde
- Titanium Dioxide- Chloride process, Sulphate process
- Anatase
- Rutile
- Paper grade
- Fluorescent pigments

Keywords: Environmentally Safe Practices, Oil Alkyd Resins, Recycling, Waste,