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By: Nens Naturals  09-12-2011

All of Nen's Shampoos are SLS-free. This means that they do not lather up like commercial products. However, you will get a very clean shampooing by working it into your scalp with soft parts of your fingertips. While we use an inorganic preservative, it is non-toxic and does not exceed 1%. Our shampoos contain nettle root botanical extract which strengthens the hair follicle, citric acid which opens the hair follicle, silk peptide and silk protein (for silky soft hair) and sweet meadowfoam oil (which nurtures the hair), as well as wonderful essential oils with their own amazing properties. You will not experience build-up, just clean (not greasy), shiny hair. We recommend alternating between shampoos to provide hair with the most varied exposure to herbs and oils that do wonderful things to your hair.

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Nen's Naturals | the best in natural skin care - products massageoils

We use only beeswax, goat's milk and other animal products where harvest does not harm animals. Comprised of natural materials; products that naturally enhance today's individual. No animal parts or extracts from animal parts or animal testing. No artificial colourants, preservatives or deodorizers. No unethically harvested raw materials.