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By: Modern Joys  09-12-2011
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Looking for wireless headphones? Why not start by educating yourself on what is suitable for your needs, so you can make a more informed decision?

The key reasons people like yourself look for wireless headphones is to enjoy the most immersive sound experience possible for your specific   needs. You want this immersive experience to be private and uninterrupted; Uninterrupted from the distractions of nagging wires, uninterrupted by companions or neighbours (telling you to “turn down the sound”) and uninterrupted by ambient sounds of your environment. Hey and sometimes you just want to look cool ;)

If you agree and these are some of your primary reasons for wanting a wireless headphone and you want to know more about what’s available, then you have come to the right place.

has the answer for you, read on my friend, read on..

One disclaimer I would like to make before we start is that typically most audiophiles would argue that wireless headphones are not as good in sound quality as their wired counterpart and not nearly as good as actual speakers, but in my opinion, in the absence of interference I would argue the sound quality is more than acceptable especially with higher end headphone models. And when you factor in the comfort and convenience of wireless headphones (especially the convenience of not hearing someone telling you to turn your music/TV down) I would argue that in some cases they are a better solution than their wired counterpart.

Currently there are 3 main types of wireless headphones for consumers, I’m sure the future will bring more options, but for now there are Bluetooth, Inferred and Radio Frequency (RF) type wireless headphones. Each of these technologies have their own strengths and weaknesses, knowing them will ultimately aid in any purchasing decisions you make so let’s go through each of them to find out more..

Keywords: Wireless Headphones

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