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Our paralegal & business practice offers a range of specialized legal services for everyday people and small business owners. Our passion is to provide fair access to justice by bringing it to your front door! With our MOBILE Services, we will come to your home, business, place of work or a mutually arranged location  ranging Brampton  to Keswick to Mississauga.

Michael J Gyovai Paralegal Services is dedicated to providing fair access to justice and following the Rule of Law. As a proud member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, it is our promise to provide you with top notch professionalism, ethics and diligence as we focus on social issues that concern everyday people, everyday families and businesses in our community, city and province.

We offer affordable, realistic rate options based on the services you need. Our comfortable and payday structure payment plan makes working with Michael J Gyovai Paralegal Servicessimple and easy for you.

Michael J Gyovai has the authority as a Commissioner for taking Affidavits for documents being used in the Province of Ontario, under the name of Michael J Gyovai Paralegal Services for work done within the permitted scope of practice of a licensed paralegal in Ontario.

(Includes Commissioner for taking Affidavit services)


Claims Court
(Limit $25,000)

Breach of Contract, Unpaid Invoices, Overcharged Invoices,

and other Contractual issues 

Human Right Tribunal

(for discrimination and harassment issues)
- Employment issues

- Every Day to Day issues 

Provincial Offences

(applies to all Ontario statutes (and regulations), municipal by-laws, and some federal contraventions.) 

Commissioner for taking Affidavits

Items for Small Claims Court , Human Right Tribunal, and Provincial Offences

Small Business Relations / Advisor ;

Contract Design
: Service Contracts/Agreement, Memorandums of Understanding, Membership Agreement, Employment / Termination Agreement and more

Poli cy Design
: Internal Procedures/Regulations, External Procedures/Regulations,

Provincial/Municipal Government Relation and more

Communication Materials : Press Releases, Speeches and Talking points

Our purpose is simple

Provide the support, knowledge,
and encouragement you need

 For more information and details on my areas of practice, please contact the office.

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Keywords: Legal Services, Paralegal Services, Specialized Legal Services, Taking Affidavits,

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