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By: Laird Technologies  09-12-2011

Laird Technologies designs and manufactures a wide variety of vehicular antennas with a multitude of mounting options.  The patented whip-less Phantom® and Phantom Elite® low-profile vehicular antenna family has no equal with true field diversity performance.  The patented technology utilizes dual polarization for unsurpassed performance in urban canyons as well as rural drop off areas.  Laird Technologies also offers traditional mobile coil antennas, value conscious quarterwaves and A-base products with superior workmanship and design features.  A wide array of specialty vehicular antennas including dual bands, elevated feed point, and wide band models are also available.  Tuf Duck® portable antennas have been the standard for two-way radio applications since their introduction over twenty-five years ago.  Multiple cable options, connectors, mounts and bracket products provide a complete vehicular antenna system.

Laird Technologies GPS/Telematics antennas are low profile, high-performance and cost-effective solutions for your mobile communications needs.  Available in combinations that cover all primary cellular frequencies plus GPS and Satellite Radio, Laird Technologies GPS/Telematic antennas feature small form factors allowing easy installation virtually anywhere inside or outside a vehicle.  With integrated research, tooling, molding, assembly and accelerated life testing facilities around the world, Laird Technologies’ engineers will quickly and efficiently create solutions to a multitude of wireless challenges for vehicular antennas.

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