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By: Koolglide  09-12-2011
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We also offer the Signature Series of carpet seaming tapes for use with traditional hot iron systems in addition to the KOOLGLIDE line of tapes. The new Signature Series gives carpet installers unsurpassed performance at affordable prices.

Seam Master worked with leading installers and industry experts to give installers what they really wanted, a better performing, lower cost tape. While some makers are reducing the adhesive weight, adding fillers and shortening rolls, Seam Master is using better technology to reduce cost while improving quality.

Using our exclusive Fusion Technology, we have completely reinvented hot melt seaming tape. This tape-making process actually encapsulates the reinforcing fiberglass strains with hot melt. The result: more even, well-formed adhesive beads – a key to consistent, strong seams.

Seam Master’s Signature Series is a line of four tapes designed to handle every seaming application:

Holding power – Lab tests show that these tapes have greater holding power than competitive brands.
Low odor – The Signature Series tapes do not give off that unpleasant odor of products that rely on fillers to reduce cost.
Consistent performance – Even bead distribution means the same adhesive weight throughout the roll. Look at other products and you will see that bead weight and location can vary greatly.
Economy – The Fusion Technology tape-making process is very efficient thus holding down our cost.
One Tape – This unique product works on all backings, has a low melt point to reduce heat damage to carpet or backings and has a low bead profile to minimize telegraphing.

Introducing – the Instafast System. Now, with the Instafast System from KOOLGLIDE, unsightly face nailing can be eliminated and tedious board replacement is made easy. Just put the board in place over the KOOLGLIDE Utility Tape. Then use the KOOLGLIDE PRO-W to activate the tape right through the board. This system uses patented Sinch® Technology to remotely activate a specially designed tape.
It’s safe, fast, easy and strong. If you make a mistake just reverse the bond and redo. And, it works on carpet too.

KOOLGLIDE PRO-W Applications:

Starter and finish rows without face nailing – For many hard wood fastening jobs, face nailing is the only answer. But face nailing is visible from the surface and requires matching and filling. With the KOOLGLIDE, simply put the boards in place and hit the power button.
Board replacement – The trouble with conventional methods of board replacement is that once you have the board in place, you have to carefully remove it. This is difficult and sometimes damages the board. With KOOLGLIDE you put the tape behind the board. Then when the board fits perfectly, activate the tool.
Decorative tile – The KOOLGLIDE with utility tape is great for decorative tile applications such as base and back splash. Remember, the adhesive on the utility tape is non-structural adhesive and should be used only where the tile is supported.

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