SunOpta Fruit Group Products and Services

By: Kettle Valley  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fruit, Vegetables, natural food

Our company is focused on providing high quality and competitively priced organic and natural food ingredients and private label products. Food manufacturers and retailers worldwide rely on SunOpta for the highest level of quality, consistency and a wide range of products. 

Food Ingredients 

SunOpta is a leading provider of organic food ingredients to the manufacturing trade:

  • Natural and organic IQF and frozen fruits and vegetables
  • Berry products: IQF, frozen, purees, juice concentrates
  • Organic juices and juice concentrates
  • Natural and organic fruit and vegetable purees
  • Organic tomato ingredients
  • Natural and organic custom-formulated fruit bases and preps
  • Organic sweeteners, including evaporated cane juice, sugar and agave

Private Label Products 

Our private label expertise can expand your brand into the fast-growing organic and natural market:

  • IQF Fruits and Vegetables – Wide range of natural and organic IQF fruits and vegetables, including fruit or vegetable blends, sourced around the world and packaged into various polybag sizes.
  • Juices – Shelf stable organic juices, and refrigerated gable top organic citrus juices, tetra pak shelf stable products.
  • Tomato-based Products – Canned tomato, ketchup,  pasta sauces, salsas, tomato-based soups.
  • Applesauces – Various flavors packaged in single serve multi-packs or 24 oz. glass.

Research and Development 

Our highly experienced R&D and applications teams can assist in product innovation, meeting taste profile targets, optimizing product application or process, improving the nutritional content of the product, or reformulations to drive reduction in ingredient costs. Using over 300 internally sourced natural and organic ingredients and hundreds of externally sourced ingredients, our expertise includes fruit beverages, fruit base development, tomato-based product formulation, and fruit snack formulation.

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