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By: Imbotec Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wood, Moisture Meter

Moisture measurement devices come in two categories;


-I s a common process measurement in many industries. Moisture can be measured on most products in many configurations. Flat sheet products are the simplest, such as on a papermachine or a plastic extrusion process. Great success has been had with granule or food applications with the use of a chute for flowing products. Imbotec can use three different technologies to measure but normally utilizes infra red measuring 9 inches from the product. Our moisture measurement product solutions offer much flexibility.

Choose by;

    1. Lumber - Sawmill

    2. Veneer

    3. Hardwood

    4. Concrete

    5. Wood & Concrete

    6. Gypsum

    7. Paper


    • Hobbyist

    • Pro Hobby

    • Carpenter

    • Wood Contractor

    • Home Inspector

    • Home Inspector +

    • Flood Restoration

    • Flood Restoration +

    • Flood Restoration ++ 

    • Hard Wood Installer

    • Hard Wood Installer +

    • Marine Surveyor


    1. Delmhorst

    2. Tramex

    3. Aqua Measure - Moisture Register

    4. Merlin

    5. Lignomat

    Moisture Meter Models and Electrodes;

    • Navigator Pro
    • Navigator
    • Total Check
    • Moisture Check
    • TechCheck
    • BD-2100
    • J-2000
    • J-4
    • J-Lite
    • P-2000
    • Electrodes


    • CMEX Concrete Moisture Meter
    • Wood Professional Moisture Meter
    • Skipper Plus Moisture Meter for Boats
    • MRH Moisture Meter
    • MEP Moisture Meter


    • 901 NIR Inline Non Contact Sensor with Remote Display Unit
    • Smart NIR Inline Non Contact Sensor
    • AM-III Ppaer Moisture Meter
    • Model LG Gypsum Moisture Meter
    • Model LGF Gypsum Moisture Meter w/SS Plate
    • Painter's LED Economical Moisture Meter


    • Meter for 1.6" (40mm) Wood Depth
    • Meter for 3/4" - 1" (25mm) Wood Depth
    • Mini Moist for Firewood Moisture

Keywords: Moisture Meter, Wood

Other products and services from Imbotec Group


Automation USA "QNix" Coating Gauges

Our QNix Wireless Thickness Coating Gauge along with our other Ferrous and Non Ferrous gages and probes are all guaranteed for an outstanding 3 years. We provide our customers with the Highest Quality Coating Film Thickness Gauges manufactured in Germany and serviced in the United States. We have pioneered new technologies such as our latest wireless fully automatic with a radio control probe. Coating Thickness Gauge Major Models.


Gloss Meter Introduction

The measurement results of a glossmeter are related to the amount of reflected light from a black glass standard with a defined refractive index, and not to the amount of incident light. If two different coatings are measured, what number of gloss units would be detectable by the human eye, how many units would be perceived as significantly different.