Automation USA "QNix" Coating Gauges

By: Imbotec Group  09-12-2011

An alternative to the standard coating gauges are now available through Imbotec Group. We provide our customers with the Highest Quality Coating Film Thickness Gauges manufactured in Germany and serviced in the United States. Our QNix coating thickness gages and inspection gauges are available for shipment to United States, Canada, Mexico and Latin America.

Over the years, we have pioneered new technologies such as our latest wireless fully automatic with a radio control probe. A gauge without keys, cable and plug that will accurately and precisely measure where other probes cannot.

Wireless Coating Measurement

Our QNix Wireless Thickness Coating Gauge along with our other Ferrous and Non Ferrous gages and probes are all guaranteed for an outstanding 3 years.

Warranty 3 Years

Our gages posses the industry's Longest Warranty. A full 3 Years.

Full Line of Products

From low cost probes for testing automobiles for concealed paint jobs to our wireless gauges. A model to fit everyone's budget and application. See our Products page.

Many Choices Available for Specific Requirements

- See our Selection Guide

Coating Thickness Gauge Major Models;

QNix 8500
QNix 7500
QNix Wireless Keyless
QNix 4500
QNix 4200
QNix 1500
QNix 1200
QNix Crash Checker Car Body Tester
Wet Film Teste
UTG Thickness Measurement

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Imbotec Group - Products

901 NIR Inline Non Contact Sensor with Remote Display Unit. I s a common process measurement in many industries. Model LGF Gypsum Moisture Meter w/SS Plate. Moisture Meter Models and Electrodes. Meter for 3/4" - 1" Wood Depth.


Gloss Meter Introduction

The measurement results of a glossmeter are related to the amount of reflected light from a black glass standard with a defined refractive index, and not to the amount of incident light. If two different coatings are measured, what number of gloss units would be detectable by the human eye, how many units would be perceived as significantly different.