Landscaping Services

By: Humber Nurseries  09-12-2011

Rewards of Professional Landscape Design

Gracious living, all year-round, can be yours with the experience, expertise and exciting new products supplied by Humber Nurseries. The revolution in the horticultural industry has brought a breathtaking selection of stunning plants for every conceivable situation. The increased value of any property by professional landscaping is both proven and highly desirable.

Take a direct role in the beautification and preservation of our treasured environment and know you have contributed to the welfare of us all.


Beauty, gracious living and increased value — an unbeatable combination, both now and in the future.

Custom Design Service Awards of Excellence Landscape design has been elevated to an art form and it requires special talent to create a distinctive vision which is 'just right' for your property. Humber has conceived and produced exciting and innovative landscape projects throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We are especially proud of our collection of awards and achievements, which recognize the success of these efforts. We are immensely gratified to see so many of our original clients return to us again and again over the years to landscape their new properties. "Award of Excellence" is a program through Landscape Ontario that exemplifies the best in our industry. Humber Nurseries Landscaping Inc. has won this award many times.

Hardscapes, walks, walls and ponds

Landscaping has become a broader field over the years with new landscaping innovations and specialities.  Our landscape designer will be able to incorporate any hardscape design into your plan.  Humber works with a list of credible and reliable contractors that are able to implement these designs into your dream landscape.

Commercial Property Landscaping Commercial landscaping has been a large part of our business for over 50 years,  including such accounts as: Greenpark Homes, Starlane Homes, Graham Construction, Loblaws, The Woodbine Entertainment Group and various golf clubs.
We have the professional staff and resources to get the job done on time and within   budget, from the planning stage to job completion. Our staff includes a member of the Ontario Association of Landscape Architects, landscape designers and plant material installers. Planting fees are quoted on an individual basis. We will gladly provide estimates against your drawings.

PETER STEVENS-Our Landscape Manager Winner of innumerable awards for his outstanding talent, heads both our Landscape Design Division and our Professional Installation Service.
A graduate of Toronto's Ryerson University, Peter has brought a wealth of recognition, achievement and prestige to Humber Nurseries and our customers since joining us in 1982.


Other products and services from Humber Nurseries



Humber Nurseries Gift Card Fundraising Program is not designed to provide wholesale pricing to individuals or groups wishing to use our Gift Cards for personal or corporate profit. Funds are used to support non-profit church activities or church-related organizations such as youth groups within the church. Humber Nurseries Gift Card Fundraising Program is designed to offer non-profit organizations an easy way to raise funds.


Plant Pest Identification

Take it to the Service Desk where our knowledgeable Humber staff will identify your problem and make recommendations to solve the problem. Insecticidal Soap, Diatomaceous Earth, Sticky Strips, End-All, Safers 3-in-1. Insecticidal Soap, Horticultural Oil, End All, Safers 3-in-1. Do you have a pest damaging your trees and shrubs. Borax, Diatomaceous Earth, Ant Traps, Permethrins.


Planting / Delivery

If you would enjoy doing the planting, but can't fit that tree or beautiful collection of shrubs in your Honda Civic, we can also deliver your materials, large or small. Hard goods such as rocks, large fountains, etc. that are delivered on a skid are front yard delivery only, within crane reach or curb line. We will always do our best to meet your planting or delivery scheduling requirements, when you indicate AM or PM preferred.


Tree Inspections

Take a copy of your invoice to the service desk where our staff will complete the necessary report and the follow up inspection will be completed within 21 working days. For smaller trees and shrubs you can call with your questions or concerns and one of our knowledgeable staff will be ready to discuss with you. Make sure your pictures clearly show the tree or shrub in question and take shots from several different directions.