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By: Guestengine  09-12-2011
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We provide innovative creative services to add value to our hospitality solutions.

GuestEngine can create interactive sites and tools on the web or on mobile devices or as part of a multi-channel program that connects your Guests to your Brand.

We work with you to establish your objectives. Then incorporate exceptional strategy, creative and digital development. Finally, we utilize analytics to measure what's working and what isn't so that our recommended improvements to your web properties and media campaigns yield maximum return for your investment.

GuestEngine is a relationship marketing company. With that, our marketing programs core strategy focuses on long-term customer retention and loyalty.

Every time a Guest walks through the door of your restaurant is a chance to create a 'touchpoint' where Guests can provide information so your Brand can 'invite them back'.

We utilize technology to organize and synchronize Guest Interaction processes and most importantly, automate your marketing programs. The overall goals are to find, attract and win new customers, nurture and retain those your Brand already has and reduce the costs of marketing.

Our strategies are most effective when your Guests, our processes and our technology work in synergy to increase profitability, and reduce your company's operational costs.

GuestEngine completes the marketing cycle by offering comprehensive print and fulfillment services for the restaurant industry. Accessible from any desktop computer, customers can easily access their online library where all corporate marketing collateral is securely stored. At the push of a button, print level quality marketing can be created, approved and deployed.

GuestEngine Print software is flexible enough for an independent or a large enterprise managing multiple locations. Marketing administrators are able to seamlessly request the same marketing piece, personalized by location, by automatically sourcing the online CRM. All marketing collateral is printed and shipped directly to the restaurant location from information stored in the company's corporate profile.

Franchisees and marketing administrators can easily access your online library of corporately sanctioned marketing material, ready for quick customization for local campaigns. Completed pieces are automatically forwarded to head office for approval before anything is printed.

GuestEngine can easily print and deploy all types of printed collateral including; corporate stationery, variable print postcards, postcards, banners and menus. Digital or offset printing, small, medium and large runs are handled with ease.

GuestEngine partners with state of the art printing facilities in both Canada and the US. Each piece is printed on high quality material using the latest printing and finishing technology.

Streamlining the creation, approval and deployment of printed pieces translates into cost and timesavings. Company administrators are free to focus on creating marketing campaigns that drive sales..franchisees are free to focus on in-store operations.

GuestEngine has an established national print network that provides industry-leading pricing for both small and large print runs.

Keywords: Marketing