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By: Green Earth Essence  09-12-2011
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All Products are 100% Vegan, 100% Natural, & 100% Safe & Healthy Facial Wash and Makeup Remover $20.00 (177ml)
Will last you approx. 3-5 months
Cleanser can also be used as a makeup remover! Facial Micro-Scrub $9.00 (30ml)
Will last you approximately 3-5 months, depending on how often you are using it.
Experience an exfoliation just like microdermasion, only without the harsh scratching of your skin! Jojoba beads are soft and gentle and above all round in shape..allowing a safe exfoliation and a rejuvenating experience.Facial Creams$19.00 (60ml)
Will Last Approx. 3-5 months
Each cream is customized per skin type of Dry, Oily, Mature, Normal or Sensitive.Natural Hand Cream $11.50 (30ml) Orange Blossom Scented
Will Last Approx. 2-3 Months

Natural Foot Cream $11.50 (30ml) Peppermint Scented
Will Last Approx. 2-3 Months

Bath Bombs $3.50
Good for 1 Bath
Bath bombs come in different flavours like Orange, Lemon and Rose to name a few.Creamy Cocoa Body Butters: $40.00(240ml) $25.00 (120ml)
Will Last approx. 2-3 Months
These body butters are absolutely wonderful for stretch marks as well as very dry skins with ingredients such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, & Jojoba Oil. All completely nourishing for the skin.Facial Toners: $15.00 (120ml)
Comes in a spray bottle, will last approx. 3-5 months.
Lavender Water -
For All skin types
Chamomile Water - For Oily Skin
Rose Water - For Sensitive Skin and/or Mature Skin (Also great for Menopause-Can be sprayed when having a hot flash)
Neroli Water - For Dry skin and/or Mature SkinFoot Paddle: $20.00
Two available; one that is for very dry, hard, rough heels and the other for less dry or rough heels
Beeswax Candles (Not Vegan):
Tealight Candle: $3.00 each (Last 4-5hrs) or 4 for $10NEW!!!! Baby Oil: 177ml for $15.00
Pure and Natural Baby Oil is made with 100% fractionated Coconut Oil which is a thin oil that is not thick or heavy, will moisturize the dry skin and will absorb into the skin without clogging pores or creating acne.NEW!!! Baby Lotion: 177ml for $24.50
Natural Baby Lotion is made with the gentlest ingredients that are safe and nourishing for baby's skin. Made with ingredients like Coconut Oil, Lavender Water, Vitamin E, and Chamomile Extract.ScentBall Room Diffusers: $16.34
Scent up a room in your house or the entire house with an electric Room Diffuser. You can apply any essential oil of your choice that will help you acheive your desired scent. It can be used solely as an air freshener or you can use it even for air-born illnesses like flu, coughs or colds, you can use it to help you sleep at night, or calm your nerves throughout the day. It can keep you focused on your studies, or even spark an intimate night with your loved one! Essential Oils are sold seperately. Comes with 5 refill pads.Essential Oils: Prices May Vary
You can now purchase your own essential oils for your own personal use or with your diffuser. Essential Oil prices may vary according to which oils you are looking at getting for yourself. You will be given the quote of the cost when requested.
Lavender Organic Essential Oil: This oil can be used for pretty much ANYTHING. If you have a cut or open wound, use lavender to clean, disinfect, and heal that wound. Did you burn yourself while cooking? Quickly put a drop of lavender directly on the area burnt..and you wont have a scar. Ask for more details!
Other great oils for example:
Lemon Eucalyptus: Can be used in flu season, or even when someone in the house is sick, and it could be contagious. Lemon Eucalyptus is an anti-bacterial oil that fights any airborn or internal bacteria.Taxes applicable!

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Keywords: Oil, Skin Type, Skin Types

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