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By: Graff Diamond  09-12-2011
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These diamond plated blades provide long life and an aggressive cutting action when used on highly abrasive materials such as fiberglass, friction material, graphite and other composite materials.



  • 40 Mesh Diamond
  • 1/8" Return
  • Continous Rim
  • Slotted Blades
  • Side Spokes
  • Shank Mounted Blades
  • Full Range of Mesh Sizes
  • Other Dimensions Available

Keywords: Diamond

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Graff Diamond Truing Resin Bonded Grinding Wheels

Steps To Maximize The Life Of Your Resin Bonded Grinding Wheels To achieve the best performance from a resin bonded Diamond or CBN grinding wheel, it must first be trued and then dressed on the machine it is to be used on. Truing involves grinding or wearing away of the abrasive surface, so that it will run concentric with the axis of rotation. Depending upon the type of abrasive, the following truing methods will apply.


Graff Diamond Products Electroplated Tooling - ED tooling p

Once the desired shape is machined or ground into the wheel hub, and the superabrasive is applied, this form will remain throughout the life of the grinding wheel. Plated tools are ideal when a precision form must be ground into a part. For recommendations regarding tool design and abrasive allowance. Graff offers a complete strip, re-machine and recoat service.


Graff Diamond Products Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels - RB GrindWheels pg

Resin bonded diamond and CBN grinding wheels are quickly replacing conventional abrasives, as more and more industries realize the efficiency of using superabrasive wheels. Fast and free cutting, these wheels deliver high material removal rates, with less thermal damage to the workpiece.