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By: Ghansar Consultant  09-12-2011
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Computer Networking

In today’s business world, the quick accessibility and sharing of information has become vital to achieving success.

All of these things would not be possible without the basic underlying element of I.T. infrastructure…the computer network.

Network Management

An existing network must be managed properly in order to ensure it’s health, minimize costly downtime, and eliminate severe slowdown at times of heavy usage.

A properly designed and managed network is the difference between an unreliable network and one that you can count on during crunch time and under severe loads.

Ghansar's engineers have many years of experience designing and managing stable, reliable networks.

Desktop Support

As businesses rely more and more on computers to run business critical processes and applications, system malfunctions could be very costly.

Computer and software manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make operating a computer relatively simple so that they may be easily accessible to the general public. However, as with any high tech device, it takes a high level of expertise to diagnose and repair computer problems quickly. The total cost of ownership of a computer system is not simply the retail price on the computer itself, it also includes the cost of maintenance on the computer. This is especially true when the computer is used for business critical applications where downtime could bring the business to a screeching halt.

Ghansars' offers maintenance contracts to ensure this does not happen to you. Backup systems can be installed and redundancy policies enforced so that your critical data is secure and your business can always run smoothly even when your computers experience malfunctions.

I.T Training

An educated staff makes for a productive and efficient staff. When your employees are able to get more accomplished during the work day, your business grows more rapidly and is more successful. Since most businesses use computers to perform business functions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales, Marketing, etc.

Ghansars' offers customized information technology training courses geared towards increasing the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. Examples of existing training courses include:

  1. Using MS Office More Effectively

  2. Modern Computer Operations

  3. Networking Essentials

  4. Using I.T. for Customer Relationship Management

Web Design

The internet is the largest and most popular advertising media today. It is the easiest way to reach an audience of millions all over the world. A web page is static (always there), which means that people will always be able to return to it to get more information.

This is unlike a short television advertisement or a print advertisement which only appears in one issue. There are no restrictions on a web page. Whatever you imagine can be created, thus giving you the advertising freedom other mediums can’t provide. A web page is one of the cheapest and most effective advertising methods today. Not only do you get your name out and get exposure, you also provide as much information as you wish about your company’s products and services. And since today’s consumer is information driven, the more information you can provide him/her in as short a time frame as possible, the better.

Ghansar’s Web Design Engineers are some of the most highly skilled in the industry. They are able to create aesthetically pleasing, attention-getting websites without sacrificing the all important element of functionality and easy navigation. The end result is clear, concise, enjoyable communication between you and your customer.


World Wide Web is, as its name implies, worldwide, businesses that sell online can potentially reach billions of customers in every country of the world. Even small ‘mom and pop’ companies with E-Commerce sites are attracting a client base never before possible. Many are discovering just how international the Internet really is, processing a daily influx of orders not only from the next town or state, but from the next country, too.

Ghansar’s E-Commerce Engineers are able to design, implement, and maintain your E-Commerce site no matter what industry you are in, the type of products you sell, or the number of products you sell.

Internet Advertising

Simply creating a company web page or e-commerce site is not sufficient. The next step is to market and promote it. There are several techniques for doing this.

Banner advertising on other sites is one method which has proven to be very effective. Having your site listed with major search engines is also essential. Search Engine Query prioritization is another method which increases your exposure dramatically. This is the process of having your website listed higher up the list when a consumer runs a search on a particular keyword. When most consumers perform a search on one of the search engines, they only consider that list of web pages on the first page returned by the search engine. The higher your web page appears on the list the higher your chance of being visited by that consumer. This effect increases exponentially as your web page gets more traffic or ‘hits’.

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