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By: Gardena  09-12-2011
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Your garden decorates your house. It’s a place to relax and feel good. To ensure that plants and lawns stay green and healthy even under dry, hot temperatures, the right watering is essential. For the four areas – retrieve water, control, transport and deliver water – GARDENA offers you perfect solutions. You can water your garden and plants with a minimum of time and effort, and a maximum of comfort – by hand, or partially or fully automatic. Whichever works best for you.

For a healthy lawn and wonderfully thriving flowers and shrubs, the right watering is essential. For every area and every garden lawn, GARDENA offers innovative products. The range comprises mobile and stationary watering solutions as well as pumps and watering controls.

Pumping: Let it flow – this is how you’ll pump right!

Whether it’s the water tap, cistern, rainwater tank or well – with GARDENA pumps, every water source can be optimally utilized for garden irrigation or domestic use. Also, when it comes to pumping water from a flooded cellar or any kind of container, GARDENA submersible pumps will be a reliable support for draining. Whatever your need, GARDENA pumps can be the heart of your water circuit in the home and garden and will manage water easily.

Controlling: Intelligent control, using water sustainably

Convenient control and automatic water distribution guarantees efficient and economic water use. With GARDENA Water Computers or Irrigation Control Systems you can start and control the irrigation of your plants for instance regarding watering time and cycles – keeping your plants strong even in hot and dry periods. The best part: with the water-conserving sensor technology you can also control your irrigation via the rain or soil moisture sensor automatically.

Transporting: Bringing your water to its destination.

Healthy plants and a lush lawn must be regularly supplied with water. With GARDENA, you get the water where it’s supposed to go: to your plants to keep them healthy and strong. Water can be supported in different ways: either mobile, with hoses and a hose trolley or a hose reel - or stationary via a water pipeline which is installed underground in the garden.


For water transportation within a garden, a wide range of hoses makes sure that there is a hose for every need: Whether for frequent use and complex garden structures or for moderate use and first-time gardeners.

Hose Trolleys and Reels

There’s the right water transportation and hose storage for every demand and garden size, no matter how long the hose to be used. GARDENA has innovative and comfortable hose trolleys and mobile and wall-mounted hose reels – there’s even a model without the nuisance of having to bend down or getting dirty hands when winding up the hose.


Simply attach your hose to one of the underground built-in Water Connectors in your garden and you have water whenever and wherever you need it – just like electricity from the mains.

Watering: Let it rain!

GARDENA has the optimal watering method for every requirement. For instance, you can water flowers in a targeted manner by hand with spray guns or spray lances. For your lawn, you can choose a mobile sprinkler or the GARDENA Sprinklersystem, see below. In beds, the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System irrigation transports the water in perfect amounts to the plants.

Hose Connectors and Sprayers

Original GARDENA System Tap Connectors, Hose Connectors and Water Stops are long-lasting, reliable and watertight. They are the connection between tap and hose or hose and watering appliances, like sprayers or sprinkles.

GARDENA Nozzles and Sprayers are ergonomic spray models with various water-jet types for different watering situations: Soft spray, mist spray, bubble- or hard jet. No matter whether you want to gently water young plants with a mist spray or clean your spade with a hard jet – you will find the right sprayer model for your need.


Not every garden or lawn is rectangular. This is why different types of sprinklers, rectangular or circular sprinklers, part or full circle pulse sprinklers or even sprinklers with certain predefined patterns are available. So everyone will find the right sprinkler for his individual garden situation.

Sprinkler system

The GARDENA Sprinklersystem is a system of permanently-installed Pop-Up Sprinklers for convenient lawn irrigation. The underground built-in pop-up sprinklers are connected via a pipe system. At water pressure, the sprinklers rise up above ground and disappear back down again after their work is done. So they do not get in the way of your lawnmower – yet still water your lawn reliably.


The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System is a water-conserving method to deliver a targeted amount of water via drip heads directly to the plant. As the water is distributed at the stem of the plant, no water evaporates – the water is used very efficiently and economically. The Micro-Drip-System can be easily used for watering flower and vegetable beds, hedges, greenhouses, as well as hanging baskets and pot plants on your patio.

Holiday watering

Going away for more than five days and no one to water your flower pots and plants inside or on your balcony or terrace? Let alone those tomato plants you have grown in pots. The GARDENA Holiday Watering systems will take care of your plants and water them regularly. So you can relax and return home still smiling.

Cleaning System

The perfect washing system. GARDENA brings you an impressive range for all cleaning tasks around the house and garden. Due to the ideal combination of different handles the cleaning system with running water offers a perfect adaptation to suit almost every application. The integrated Original GARDENA System Connector allows easy and water-tight connection to a hose. All GARDENA Running Water Handles are equipped with a dispenser for GARDENA Care Products such as universal cleaners or shampoo.

Garden ponds

A beautiful pond is a highlight in every garden. At GARDENA you’ll find everything you need to get your pond working efficiently and effectively. Our expertise allows us to offer you straightforward and convenient solutions for constructing a pond, pumping water, caring for clean and fresh pond water as well as pond decoration. So if you are looking for a practical complete set up, for system components or just accessories, start here.

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