By: Corrosion Free  09-12-2011
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Just about everything we buy is legislated to be recyclable. That means it is supposed to naturally disintegrate and blend back into the earth from where it came. Because of this natural decaying process, the prime focus of 'appearance care' has to begin with the best form of rust and corrosion prevention. It's only in this way that we can control and delay the inevitable for as long as we want. Corrosion FREE 'decay prevention products' are clean, clear and invisible. They do not take away from the "factory new look". That means they are not tar like and messy sealants. When it comes to performance, they protect items previously thought impossible to protect. For example, Formula 3000 with CSC850 goes beyond conventional rustproofing by treating and preserving not only outer body panels, but it also maintains the new appearance of fuel lines, fuel tanks, brake lines, emergency brake cables and the often overlooked details of nuts, bolts, clamps and hangers. It's so clean it even details rubber and plastic parts in engine compartments.
Just about everyone has experienced the confusion and apprehension that comes from examining products in the car care display aisle of an automotive store. They all look so good and claim to do so much. "What one should I use?" Very often the results are not what you anticipated. That does not mean the products don't work. Quite possibly the chemicals used previously were not compatible with your most recent purchase.At Corrosion FREE we give you Appearance Care Formulas designed from a 'wish list' with 'think ahead' features.Our 'Linked formulas' by the DelGrandeConnection mean Nothing to Fear. All are designed to be compatible with each other. No chemical reaction on different adjoining surfaces. As an example, our Tire Care will not harm aluminum wheels and Glass Cleaner will not react with our ShineDefense Paint Sealant. Our rustproofing materials will not harm painted surfaces including fiberglass gel coat or rubber and plastic parts. They even protect electronic circuitry.These special and unique formulas give the desired results every time because the chemicals used are formulated to be compatible. That means no frustration with complicated procedures or rules for maximizing results.All GrandeDefense products are applied professional through most Corrosion FREE Zone dealers. Some are available as Quick & Easy YouCanDoIt TM products.
  • GrandeDefense paint sealant Plus Anti-Oxidant
  • GrandeDefense paint prep plus rust cure
  • GrandeDefense glass cleaner plus wiper blade conditioner
  • GrandeDefense tire care plus rubber conditioner
  • GrandeDefense wheel well detailer plus rust cure
  • GrandeDefense wheel shine plus whitewall cleaner
  • GrandeDefense multi-purpose cleaner plus degreaser
  • GrandeDefense vinyl & leather conditioner plus cleaner
  • GrandeDefense fabric protector plus stain-FREE/fade-free
  • GrandeDefense carpet restorer plus interior shampoo
  • GrandeDefense super conc. stain remover plus degreaser
  • GrandeDefense deodorizer plus air freshner (fresh scent)
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Keywords: Aluminum Wheels, Cleaner, Conditioner, Glass Cleaner, Paint Sealant