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By: Coromega  09-12-2011
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Do you wonder what your Omega-3 score is? Are you in the healthy Omega-3 zone?

The Holman Omega 3 Test™ is the quick and easy way to measure your omega-3 health. The Holman kit includes an at-home method for obtaining a blood spot sample, which is then supplied to Lipid Technologies, LLC for analysis by their precision proprietary method for high sensitivity blood-spot omega-3 analysis. This test identifies your complete fatty acid profile, specifically focusing on your omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels.

What is Omega-3 testing and what will it tell me?

The test tells you if you are properly addressing your omega-3 regimen with diet and supplements by targeting blood omega-3 levels. People are told to eat more fish and take fish oil supplements, but this is not a one-size-fits-all type of recommendation. The truth is that there are many factors that go into how we digest, retain and process omega-3 fatty acids. Things like body size, dietary omega-6, and oxidative stress all combat the formation of the “omega-3 body”. Our blood tells the story of how well we are doing in our quest for omega-3 health. Low blood levels (like most Americans) identify a diet that is low in omega-3 and high in omega-6. Adding omega-3 to the diet significantly increases omega-3 levels and serves as a goal post for achieving omega-3 goals. Most Americans have a total omega-3 level of 4%. Levels at 6% or higher are considered healthy and levels at 8% or higher are considered excellent.

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Keywords: Omega-3

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