By: Componexus  09-12-2011

            At CompoNexus,  Our customers range in size from small design houses to some of the larger electronics manufacturers, in industries including Industrial Electronics, Telecommunications, Military, Consumer Electronics, and Automotive.

                We strive to be the best for our customers, working closely with their engineering and   purchasing departments, where we utilize our experience and network of world class suppliers to come up with products and solutions that are the perfect fit for their specific application and business model. As a result our customers consistently develop the best possible products, while saving time and reducing costs.

                Our customers have peace of mind, knowing they are partnering with a company that’s completely committed to quality and personal service to every customer.

CompoNexus is dedicated to growth through our customers successes. With that growth we strive to continue to facilitate technological advancement, create jobs in Canada, and contribute to the Canadian economy.

A True Solution Provider

                CompoNexus is more than just a supplier! We're a valued partner with our customers. We provide a wide range of services including engineering support as well as shipping as per production schedule, logistics and inventory solutions.   We can help with sourcing to help you acquire hard to find parts or even create custom products based on your specifications while handling the integration.

Unparalleled Customer Attention

                Whether the customer is a small or large manufacturer, WE will pay extraordinary attention to their requirements.

Ease of Doing Business

We don’t have multiple layers of management or positional restructuring. Our customers explain to their dedicated sales rep’s what they want and how they want it, and we get on the job, right away.   It’s that simple !