Colombia Highrise Windows

By: Columbia Highrise  09-12-2011
Keywords: Frame, Aluminum Windows

Modern aluminum windows are attractive, energy-efficient, and reliable. Thermally-broken aluminum window-frame and sash construction is the key to their efficiency, but they possess a number of other advantages which make them the best choice both for new construction, and replacement.

The most important consideration is selecting a good window is thermal efficiency – its ability to minimize heat loss from the inside or heat gain from the outside. Today, aluminum windows are manufactured with thermally- broken framing members. These are usually composed of three pieces: an outer extruded frame. The central core acts as a barrier to heat flow from a warm interior to a cold exterior in winter, and vice-versa in summer. This modern construction created highly thermally efficient frames, and enables windows manufactures to take advantage of other important aluminum properties – durability, strength, stability and corrosion resistance – for the benefit of consumers.

Aluminum is strong and rigid. Unlike wood (which rots), and vinyl (which becomes brittle at low temperatures, and flexible at high temperatures), aluminum maintains its strength, and rigidity. Moreover, Aluminum’s properties will not change over time, a claim that cannot be made by many other materials. This means an aluminum window is strong and long lasting – a good long-term investment. It’s easier to install, and more resistant to frame deformation caused by climatic changes and building movement.

Keywords: Aluminum Windows, Frame