By: Carbon  09-12-2011

Carbon Steel Profiles Limited is primarily engaged in the supply of stock steel plate and flame cutting of steel plate product from raw form to semi-finished profile cut components which are then supplied to a diversified customer base. Components are typically processed through a number of additional operations to become finished goods. Flame cutting is complemented by additional post processing operations such as grinding, blanchard grinding, beveling, milling and tumbling to produce ready to use components. By maintaining an extensive global network of quality steel suppliers, we are able to maintain a diverse internal inventory and ensure consistent availability of any material grade or thickness. Processing performed by Carbon Steel Profiles represents the first of many operations in the processing cycle required to produce finished goods. Subsequent operations may include heat treating, forming, fabrication, machining, assembly and surface finishing. All processing operations are optimized to minimize secondary processing by customers and controlled by Carbon Steel Profiles Limited through documented work practices, interactive supervision training and a recognized Quality Management System. Stock and Cut-to-Size Plate
We stock typical and specialized grades of steel plate in stock and custom sizes in thickness to 24", width to 120" and length to 480". Product specifications available include but are not limited to Structural - ASTM A36, CSA G40.21 44W and 50W, SAE - C1020, C1045, Quenched and Tempered - CHT100, CHT360 and pressure Vessel - ASTM 516-70.Profile Cut Components
Our flame cutting process employs state of the art ESAB AVENGER ( CNC ) oxygen / fuel and ESAB high definition plasma cutting technologies to produce multi-dimensional geometric components in accordance with customer requirements and specifications. Virtually any two dimensional configuration is possible from simple shapes to complex geometries.This technology and related systems support processing of single component entities or reproducible high volume production runs. A fully integrated CAD Center support all CNC processing and is capable of supporting all drawing formats.