By: Bpg-motors  09-12-2011

Four years ago, a then 17-year-old Benjamin Gulak traveled to China with his father on a business trip. When he saw the incredible pollution in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, much of it produced by smoky two-stroke scooters and motorcycles, he knew that electrics would make ideal substitutes—if they were cool. He set out to create a practical, non-polluting vehicle with style.

Working with an inherited set of tools from his grandfather, he built an angle-iron frame, attached wheelchair motors, batteries and gyroscopes and arrived at the moment of truth – the test ride.

Since then, the now named Uno has accelerated at an incredible rate. After winning a Grand Award at the 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, the Uno was awarded one of the Top 10 Inventions of the Year by Popular Science magazine. Gulak’s Uno started to appear in newspapers and magazines around the world – leading to the start of BPG Motors.

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In Uno mode, the vehicle is a dicycle that balances on a single pair of parallel wheels, enabling unmatched nimbleness with an extremely tight turning radius. It’s small enough to fit in an elevator or bring inside an apartment and stable enough to handle Boston’s morning rush hour.



The prototype transforms itself to become more stable at higher speeds, creating not only a unique riding experience but also a more interactive vehicle that reacts to its rider. At higher speeds, the two parallel wheels splay apart, transforming it into a motorcycle. The U2 prototype is a small, compact urban commuter at low speeds.