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By: Bdi Canada Co2 Technologies  09-12-2011

LT-280 Pellet & Particle (Crystal) Blaster

Pellet & Particle (Crystal) Blaster

The LT-280 is the ultimate in flexibility with our patented, integrated pellet grinding system. Apart from conventional pellet blasting capabilities, the LT-280 gives you Pellet & Crystal blasting capability.

The most versatile machine on the market.

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BDI Canada CO2 Technologies - CO2 Dry Ice Blasting - lt

All pneumatic design eliminates the need for electricity.Compact yet powerful, blast pressures range from 20psi – 220psi.Dry ice reverts back to its natural gaseous state upon impact, no secondary waste to cope with. Any form of Dry Ice, by means of controlled mechanical stress, is changed into fine orrough blasting particles. Mirror polished stainless steel.Stainless steel gun assembly.Strong aluminum blast barrels.


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NO MORE TOXIC CHEMICALS … This cleaning method eliminates the use of conventional toxic chemicals,which are hazardous for workers, and accidental spills can cause damageto rooftops. Provide 24 hour-a-day 7 days-a-week on-site or in-house CO2 dry ice cleaning services anywhere in Ontario. By thoroughly cleaning air conditioner coils and fins, which allows themto dissipate heat more efficiently.