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By: Lvg Auctions  09-12-2011
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LVG has a very strong, large and dedicated following at our auction sales. Most auctions take place on-site in our Caledon, Ontario yard, but we have and will conduct sales in other provinces and locations.

Shouldyou decide to participate in an on-site auction, LVG has the ability to:

  • Tailor-make an auction proposal to suit your requirements including - No sales commission to the seller, Net guaranteed returns with participation.

  • Work directly with Corporations, Trustees, Receivers, Banks, Municipalities to develop a place whereby the sale of assets/equipment is arranged so as to maximize financial return.

  • Inspect assets and make recommendations regarding the financial practicality of equipment repairs, cleaning, painting which we can arrange upon approval to ensure top dollar.

  • Move and/or transport assets/equipment from variouslocations to our secure 26 acre facility.

  • Establish 'pay-out' terms with our consignor/sellers which are generally paid out within 16 business days.

  • Conduct auctions at your location, providing a on-site computer registration system and qualified staff.

LVG can also conduct auctions at your location.  LVG staff will provide advice and assistance to line up your equipment to take advantage of the best selling placement.  LVG has an off-site computer system that will ensure quick and efficient registration, clerking and cashiering that will ensure your auction is conducted in a professional manner.

LVGhas conducted off-site sales for the following companies:

  • Bolton Construction Co Limited
  • Brownco Investments
  • Centrac Co
  • Coolsaet Pipelines
  • Don Coffee Sales
  • James W. Childs Limited
  • Green Line Equipment
  • Hickman Equipment
  • R.K. Whitman Construction Limited
  • R.O.R. Industries Inc
  • Parent Door Company

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  • Get Technical Support for Any Online Bidding Issues

For over 30 years LVG has worked with and provided appraisals for many industries, including, mining, forestry, farming, transportation and construction.  LVG has also provided contractors, financial institutions, manufacturers with fair market evaluations that make purchasing, financing and corporate acquisitions an easier decision. 

LVG has a reputation for providing credible, reliable, quality appraisals. Whether you require a complete physical inspection or desktop valuations of your assets, LVG appraisal report will prove invaluable.  Our appraisers have reached the highest level of accreditation and certification through the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group (CPPA).

Our expertise in sales and the customer based resources of LVG are recognized by industry personal and as a result LVG is retained to handle or otherwise arrange the private purchase and sale of various equipment and our assets.If you have a particular pieces of equipment that you are interested in selling privately, LVG can assist in the process by advertising and making arrangements for the sale on our website avoiding relocation, transportation costs, etc.

LVG has conducted complete liquidations for a number of companies across Canada. LVG can work with you to determine a tailor made package that will guarantee the maximum financial return for your assets. LVG will fully advertise through a wide variety of venues:

  • Print advertising is  published in many industry related trade publications and magazines; they are  published on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
  • All LVG sales are  advertised in local, provincial and national newspapers. This ensures maximum exposure around the  country.
  • Your item(s) are listed in our detailed listing catalogue; this catalogue is found online and is  given out to each buyer on the day of the auction. This catalogue includes specifications and thorough description of all the equipment in each auction.

An LVG staff will administer your assets full-time to ensure quick payment, payout and removal of your equipment. LVG also has the capability to do complete dispersal, including demolition of site. No matter the situation, LVG has a proposal for you.

LVG has the resources, ability and inclination to make outright purchases of equipment.  Often our purchase of equipment greatly assists corporations wherein funds are immediately made available to the seller rather than incur any wait time for upcoming auctions.

LVG Auctions is please to promote a new relationship with Finance Search Capital to help customers secure financing for their auction purchases.


Download and fill out the credit application and a FSC representative will contact you
Call the FSC toll free number (888) 795-2877

Finance Search capital offers:

  • Financing available for $5000 and up
  • Flexible pay plans - FSC can structure seasonal, skips,balloons to meet your specific needs
  • Quick application turnaround
  • If approved, credit good for up to 90 days

FAX completed applications to: (888) 795-5504

Note: Interest rates offered will vary based on market conditions. An application for credit does not guarantee that credit will be approved. Some restrictions on eligible equipment will apply. Speak with your FSC leasing specialist for details.

CPPAG - LVG is a member of the Canadian Property Appraisers Group. This is the highest level of accreditation and certification for property appraisals in Canada.

OMVIC  & UCDA - LVG follows the standards set by the Used Car Dealers Association of Ontario & the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council as a member when selling vehicles. All laws and standards can be found on their websites.
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Keywords: financing