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By: Finax  09-12-2011
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Money Transfer:
Finax and its business partners can remit your funds in different parts of the world. We will focus on network building by striking long lasting and profitable relationships with our network partners and bring our money transfer service within the reach of every individual worldwide.

Finax gives you several options to choose from when it comes to transferring money.

Money Gram
We offer one of the easiest ways for families and friends to send money and stay connected almost anywhere in the world.

Wire Transfer:
Wire transfer is a preferred method of payment for many reasons such as:
  • Your beneficiary doesn't have to be an individual but can be an entity.
  • Wire transfer is secured and inexpensive way of transferring a large amount of funds.

By using our service to wire or receive your funds, you will gain some benefits such as:

  • You are getting a better exchange rate than banks.
  • You are paying less transfer charges comparing to the other money transfer systems.
  • You can lock in your exchange rate with a small deposit to reduce your FX exposure

An example where you can benefit from wire transfers: You are importing from USA, China, or any other Country and need to settle your payment in USD or any other foreign currency such as EURO / GBP / AUD etc, we will help you to make your due payment efficiently and at much better rates than your bank.

Foreign Exchange:
At Finax we offer competitive exchange rates.
Methods of payment: Cash, Bank drafts, Certified Cheques, Wire and Interact. And we offer you our payment in Cash, Cheques, Bank draft and Bank deposit.


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