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By: Caps 'n Plugs  09-12-2011
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These caps are used to protect electrical connectors from dust, damage, and moisture. They are extremely versatile and can be used for numerous applications and the flanged end of the cap allows for easy removal. These electrical connector caps come in two series, the MS series and the C series.

Unlike tear-tab closures, these push-on caps can be removed without jeopardizing the provided threads. Our push-on caps come in three different series, the PM series, PN series, and the PO series. The unique designs of these push-on caps help you to protect varies thread forms and fittings.

Easy-to-use tear-tab caps employ friction for a snug fit. To remove these tear tab Caps you simply pull them off and discard. There are two types of these tear-tab caps, the TT series and the TU series.

Our flanged-tube Caps FT/FL series are used to protect threaded and non-threaded parts and can be used on a variety of applications. The flanged top is a excellent feature that allows for these tube caps to provide easy removal.

We carry two types of threaded caps. The threaded cap TC series is used on studs and fittings, the rolled threads of this cap allow you to either push or thread on. The threaded cap DC Series was originally engineered for use in aircraft and hydraulic equipment applications. Both of these threaded caps provide excellent protection against contaminates.

Heavy-duty non- threaded caps can be used to protect a variety of items in an industrial atmosphere. These non-treaded caps come tapered and with a flange for easy insertion and removal.

The PZ Series of the multi-purpose caps can be used as a cap or a plug to protect a variety of applications. These multi-purpose caps are used on both threaded and non-threaded fittings. Multi-purpose caps are easy to apply and easy to remove as well.

With six internal ribs inside them these o-ring caps fit nicely on a fittings nut. These o-ring caps have three internal webs that act as a positive stop and positioning feature that prevent movement allowing for optimal protection against contamination or damage to the fitting during the installation process.

These unique caps will resist acid and other various solvents while helping prevent contaminates and moisture from entering grease fittings. Grease-fitting caps have a locking mechanism inside them that maintains a secure fit.

These extremely durable caps fit perfectly on items that need to be protected from dust, moisture, and other debris in an industrial atmosphere. They create a nice finished look and can easily be produced with your company's logo.

The long flat surface of rectangular caps make them useful in the home, on garden tools, and even on kitchenware. The rectangular flat end caps are Similar to the rectangular round end caps and can be used as thread protectors. Both kinds of these caps can be customized.

Create a finished look to many household items such as patio furniture with square vinyl caps. Square vinyl caps are durable and help make otherwise rough edges not cause damages to areas around your home.

For an application where easy removal is needed, pull tab caps are essential. This cap fits tightly onto surfaces that need protection yet remains easy to pull off. Pull tab caps can perform the same functions as round caps, rectangular caps, and square caps just with easier removal.

Grab tab caps help provide more surface area to hold on objects that require protection. It reduces the amount of pressure used to pull caps off preventing any damage that could be accrued during removal.

For medical experts vented pull tab caps are excellent to protect medical tubing from any dust or debris. The slits that create small air vents allow for the cap to stay on even as pressure builds up.

Hanger caps have a ride variety of uses they can be put on tools, sporting goods, brooms and more to provide you with protection against slippage. The opening on hanger caps allows for easy storage and can easily be hung.

If you are shipping a package that cannot withstand rolling about, anti-roll caps will help solve your problem. These caps are square at the top instead of round and help prevents packages from rolling.

Keywords: Caps, Pull Tab Caps

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