Canada Pool Coating offers ecoFinish Systems and Aqua Bright Pool Finishes

Canada Pool Coating offers ecoFinish Systems and Aqua Bright Pool Finishes from Canada Pool Coating

By: Canada Pool Coating  13-12-2010
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For decades swimming pools had a bright white rubber-based finish or coating.  This type of paint finish was known for its durability against stains and imperfections.

During the late 1980's, government regulations banned many of the most crucial ingredients for making this coating product maintenance free.  These coatings were no longer practical because of imperfections causing blistering, chipping, peeling and fading in as little as six months. 

That was then...this is NOW ! 
Canada Pool Coating introduces the revolutionary ecoFinish™ system and their signature pool coating, Aqua Bright™, to Canada.

What is Aqua Bright™?
Aqua Bright™ is a revolutionary pool coating finish developed from years of testing that virtually eliminates all of traditional plaster and paint coating shortcomings.

  • Aqua Bright™ is durable: Aqua Bright™  is resistant to chips, peeling and scratching and is extremely durable, outlasting conventional finishes up to seven times longer, according to ASTM testing.

Aqua Bright™ saves you time and money: It cures in seconds, not weeks. The Aqua Bright™ installation process is applied by a two person crew using our unique Thermo Plastic Spray System.

                     Aqua Bright™ requires no heavy trucks or equipment.

Aqua Bright™ is ECO-friendly:
When it comes to the earth, Aqua Bright™ follows the three Rs of sustainability..Reduce...instead of using 2000 lbs of materials like a typical pool,  Aqua Bright™ finishes require less materials...only 50 lbs. Reuse...any Aqua Bright™ materials left over from a project can be reused instead of thrown away. Recycle ...Aqua Bright™ high quality recycled plastics are used to maintain consistency and appearance.

Aqua Bright™ is the Pool Finish of the future.

Easy Chemical Startup.
There is no need to use the traditional start-up chemicals with AquaBright™. It's simple.  "Balance and Swim".

Will not mottle. Mottling is also inherent with all plaster. Those annoying cloudy discolorations seem to appear from nowhere. With AquaBright™ pool finishes, mottling is a thing of the past.

Scale Resistant. Plaster finishes leach high amounts of calcium and/or silicate. Crystallized deposits become visible on pool surfaces is all too familiar. With Aqua Bright™ pool finish, hardwater scale will never become an issue again. No Calcium is contained in any of our finishes.

Fade Resistant. Coloured cement-based finishes can experience fading due to chemical bleaching and scale. Aqua Bright™ pool finishes are chemical resistant and formulated with UV inhibitors that make them virtually fade-resistant.

Spider Crack Resistant. Those typical little cracks that appear after plastering won't be an eyesore anymore. If renovating an existing pool, our Aqua Bright™ pool finishes fill in and smooth over existing spider cracks. When applied to a new pool surface, the composition of our Aqua Bright™ pool finish is spider crack resistant. 

Aqua Bright™ is ECO-Nomical:

Chemical Resistant.  Aqua Bright™ is a plastic finish that is resistant to acid and other chemicals.

Easy Restoration...Aqua Bright™ is one of the most durable pool finishes available. If you find a way to damage an AquaBright finish, it is repairable with almost no trace.

Reduces Chemical Consumption. Typical pool surfaces are pourous and absorb chemicals like a sponge which increases the overall chemical requirements of your pool. Aqua Bright™ is non-pourous, which means less chemicals are used. Thus, saving your client time and money.  

Extremely stain resistant. Unsightly pool stains require harsh and expensive chemicals to remove them. Aqua Bright™ non-porous surfaces inhibits organic stains from leaves and debris or metallic stains from rusted bolts. 

Attention All Pool Builders, Pool Restorers and Pool Installers:

If you are interested in knowing more about this revolutionary system and becoming a certified ecoFinish™ and Aqua Bright™ dealer please visit our websites:
or .com

      For Canadian Inquires please contact Canadian Distributor:
      Canada Pool Coating 1.877.391.9466 Mon-Fri 9-5pm (EST)  

We are currently offering protected and non-protected territories.

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