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Alpaca Products

Alpaca Fibre

Alpacas are shorn once each year producing a luxurious, soft, cashmere-like fibre. The fibre comes in 22 natural colours and can be dyed if desired. Lacking the lanolin present in sheep wool, alpaca fibre is hypo-allergenic and softer when worn against the skin.


There are a variety of finished and unfinished products available.

Fibre directly from the animal can be bought in its raw form and rovings are available for spinners and weavers. Spun yarn can be purchased for hand crafting, and finished items such as socks, blankets, scarves and mittens make unique and impressive gifts or treats for those who like to indulge.

Heirloom gifts are accompanied by a personalized card introducing the lucky recipient to the animal who produced the fibre and the loving process involved in producing the gift.

Benefits of Buying Alpaca Products

  • soft
  • hypo-allergenic
  • no lanolin
  • lightweight
  • unique products
  • heirloom quality
  • breathable
  • supports a "not for slaughter" industry
  • "environmentally friendly" product
  • luxury of cashmere
  • a chance to see and know the origin of your product

We are personally involved in all aspects of shearing and production decisions, and are pleased to be able to closely monitor this process. We strive to ensure that our products remain "Constant in Quality"!

Products Available at Ballintotas Alpacas


Nuno Felted Scarf:
These scarves are created by Shannon. The silk and alpaca rovings are hand-dyed to create a rainbow of colours or use raw materials for natural colours. The alpaca is felted to the silk using a traditional felting method called nuno felting. As the alpaca felts, it shrinks and pulls the silk, producing a beautiful puckered effect. These scarves are light-weight, airy and all one-of-a-kind creations.
$55.00 includes tax

Raw Fleece
Micron 20 - 25.9 (grades 2 and 3) $30.00/lb
Micron 26 - 32 (grades 3 and 4) $25.00/lb


Priced based on fineness
(micron and grade)
Check for Availability

Creemore (21.2 microns, grade 2, baby fine)

Super-fine lace-weight yarn
90% alpaca and 10% silk
(Includes lace scarf pattern)

$17.00 includes tax

3 Ply 100% Alpaca Yarn
225 yards

$22.00 includes tax

Ribbed Socks

$30.00 includes tax


Terry Socks

$32.00 includes tax

Hand Knit Single Mittens

$24.00 includes tax


Hand Knit Double Reversible Mittens

$48.00 includes tax

Hand Knit Old-Fashioned Thrum Mittens

$90.00 includes tax


Thrum Knitting Kits (mittens and slippers)

$40.00 includes tax

Single Earflap Hat (chullo)

$24.00 includes tax


Hand Knit Double Reversible Earflap Hat

$50.00 includes tax

Hand Knit Double Reversible Hat

$35.00 includes tax


Hand Knit Scarves

$40.00 includes tax

Woven Dress Scarves

$55.00 includes tax


Alpaca Throws and Blankets, Popular as Unique Wedding or Anniversary Gifts.

Prices start at $110.00 includes tax

10” Huacaya Alpaca Bear

$40.00 includes tax


14” Huacaya Alpaca Bear

$65.00 includes tax

Zip Vests

$125.00 includes tax


Rectangular Shawls

$75.00 includes tax

Triangular Alpaca Shawls

$75.00 includes tax


Lined Capes

$240.00 includes tax

Baby Blankets (handknit by local artisan Terri Steele), Fibre from Paloma and Cyrus,Various Patterns.

$120.00 includes tax


Handwoven Dress Shawls - Alpaca and Silk (Fibre spun locally and handwoven by local artisan Ellen Goode) Fibre from Archemides, Each a One of a Kind Pattern.

$240.00 includes tax

Natural Fibre insoles (mens sizes 6, 8, 10, 12 - can be cut) $13.00

$13.00 includes tax


Soak: Rinse-free Handwash for Sensitive Skin and Fine Fibres. Soak Scentless keeps your hand-washables (and sensitive skin) completely fragrance-free. No perfumes, no dyes, and a biodegradable formulation make it a fresh and ultra-clear way to take care of the fine fibers you care about most. Soak makes handwashing as easy as fill, soak, remove and lay flat.
4 oz: $10.75
14 oz: $16.00

100% Alpaca Duvets - Double, Queen, King and Crib Size, handmade with bats from our own animals, 260 count cotton, sewn in 6 inch squares

Crib - $95.00
Double - $325.00
Queen - $355.00
King - 395.00


Stained Glass Alpacas
Custom handcrafted by local artisan Paula Mainprize, these pieces are great for the Christmas Tree, in a window, or displayed on a hanging stand.  Each alpaca has a poem attached entitled, "The Peaceful Alpaca" which reminds us to find the peace that the gentle alpaca represents in our own lives.  Great housewarming and friendship gifts! $30.00 includes pst.

Alpaca Lined Suede Overmitts


Blank Cards:   $3.00/each
or 4 for $10.00

Funny Face Alpaca – 14” -


Plush Alpaca – 12”

Super Fine Poncho – Fleece from Nellie and Damian – first place winner at the Renfrew Fair, handknit by local artisan Terri Steele:  $180.00


Women’s fur hat

Men’s fur hat -


Hand Knit Gloves

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