GemThane Wood Siding and Decking

By: Gemthane Siding  09-12-2011
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Take the challenge!

At the end of the week, you'll likely see deterioration already taking its toll on our competitors' product, while GemThane will still look new!

to take the challenge!

Not all wood siding and decking is made the same. GemThane® is a unique product, and represents a revolution in wood products for homes and cottages.

GemThane is a low-maintenance, pre-finished wood system that offers the warmth, charm and value-enhancing properties of real wood siding and decking without the upkeep. GemThane’s polymer coating system is revolutionary. There is nothing else like it, anywhere.

GemThane wood is encapsulated by a tough multi-layer polymer coating. Other brands of pre-finished siding and decking are simply painted with ordinary latex paint or stain. Coatings cure by a chemical reaction unlike paints and stains which merely dry through evaporation. At a glance, both products look similar, but the performance difference is drastic.

Our system starts with marine-grade resins and then we add the GemThane touch. The first layer of totally waterproof polymer is fortified with a safe fungicide that lasts for the life of the coating. The topcoat is protected with invisible ceramic nanospheres, a concept just now appearing in luxury car finishes. The result is a surface that is extremely resistant to erosion, impact, driving rain, and climatic extremes.

The coatings used in the manufacture of GemThane products are so waterproof, they could be used to line your swimming pool! The coating resists unsightly knot bleed-through. The impervious surface doesn't absorb dirt, so it's a breeze to clean. Unlike painted wood, GemThane wood siding and decking can be power washed year after year. Everything from dirt and grease to unpleasant spider webbing washes right off because the surface is so non-absorbent.

While no product is totally maintenance-free over the long term, GemThane is as good as it gets. All you do on an annual basis is inspect for damage and areas that might require a light touch-up.

Real wood

We purchase carefully selected Eastern White Pine, graded to our specifications, directly from the mill. The wood is kiln dried to 10% moisture in a multi-stage process designed to provide greater stability.

We can accommodate just about any request. If you want cedar, for example, we’ll work with your local building supply store. They will supply the wood and we’ll simply charge a processing fee. The same applies for unusual trim items, fascia, soffits, and other products. The result is a customized result for a very reasonable cost.


GemThane prides itself on being environmentally responsible. Our supplier of Eastern White Pine practices sustainable forestry, and is FSC and PEFC certified.

Invented here for our climate

GemThane wood products were developed right here in Canada, with our demanding climatic conditions in mind. The constant freeze-thaw cycles that are a mainstay of our climate will wreak havoc with ordinary paints and stains. By contrast, our polymer coatings laugh at the elements, from the subzero temperatures of winter to the piercing glare of summer sun, and the extreme temperature fluctuations in between. Whether you opt for a solid or semi-transparent colour, GemThane will outlast anything else on the market, with far less maintenance. You have our word on it.

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