Intimacy With The Father CD Set

By: Trust Again  09-12-2011
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1. The Principle of Position

In this CD we discuss Abraham and how he had to deal with His Father stopping short of his Destiny. How Abraham recognizes this, hears his Heavenly Father, pushes past ” HIS WALL!, and goes beyond where his father stopped. No easy task! It isn’t what we say, but where we are standing when we say it! Can I do the same?

2. The Principle of Passion

In this CD we discuss Moses. How can someone who is considered one of the greatest leaders in scripture, have experienced God on the Mountain, and recieve the Ten Commandments, not come into his Destiny. Find out the one main reason that this happened and how it influences you and I today. If 600,000 came out of Egypt and only 2 went into the promised land, is there any hope for me?

3. The Principle of Perserverence

In this CD we discuss Jehu. On his way to kill seventy men he stops and Mentors one man called Jehonadab. Am I meant to do this all alone? Why do I feel like an orphan? is there anyone who cares? Here is unfolded God’s plan to get out of the Desert, through Kadesh Barnea and into My Destiny. Know that God has a plan for your life. Understanding the principle of Perserverance will get us there.

4. The Principle of Perception

In this CD we discuss Gideon. God finds Gideon at the back of the cave. The enemy has caused him to be defeated, discouraged and depressed! What is so amazing is in this state God calls him a” Mighty Warrior!” It isn’t always how I see myself, but how God sees me. Just like Moses had to cross 2 Rivers to get to his destiny, find out how Gideon had to establish 2 Altars and the significance of how that applies to you and I today. Am I dealing with Reality or Perception? The right answer to that will determine if I reach my potential!

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Keywords: Money Order

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