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By: Belleghuan  09-12-2011
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People are beginning to realise that Government cannot provide everything to everyone. One of the essential needs for Canadians is electrical power, yet Provincial Governments are doing very little to ensure that there will be an adequate supply for the future. Who needs to go through another black-out or ice storm that cuts an essential service for an extended period of time, usually at a point in the year where survival can be dependent on electricity?

What is needed is a reasonably priced alternative that has the capability of supplementing or even replacing the commercial power grid. Solutions such as solar or wind have, unfortunately, not proved themselves either efficient or cost-effective to date. Some attempts have been made to tie fuel-driven generator systems into individual power grids, but the engines previously used to do this are generally high-speed units unsuitable for extended run times.

Listeroid engines are manufactured in India and are designated as "Listeroids" to separate them from the original Lister produced in Dursley, England.

While the Lister design has been proven through years of field trials, there are a great many makers of the engines in India and unfortunately some of them produce an inferior quality product. Care must be taken when dealing with offshore suppliers and we have researched many of the makers. We have imported engines from some foundries who promised to give us the best of quality, only to find that their actions did not live up to their word. We no longer do business with these manufacturers and have spent considerable time in identifying one who is keenly interested in producing a unit that is up to our exacting North American standards. We have arranged with this manufacturer to have the exclusive North American distribution rights for his engines and we are in constant contact with him to ensure that all concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

The engines that we import are slow speed indirect injection diesels (650 - 1000 rpm) that are designed for long term use and have been proven over the years to be very efficient and reliable. The indirect injection makes our engines ideal candidates for alternate fuels and we have experience measuring in the thousands of hours powering them on Waste Vegetable oil. A good Listeroid engine can be expected to last 20-30 years of full time running with only minimal maintenance such as oil changes and greasing. If repairs are ever needed the engine can be field stripped in a matter of hours and all wear parts replaced reasonably easily.

The ST Chinese-made generator heads we recommend are a heavy and simple unit designed with few moving parts to ensure efficient extended runs with little maintenance. They do NOT have 240 and 120 volt "plug-ins", instead you need to wire them into your electrical system. Changfas
Changa engines are a Chinese produced German designed single cylinder diesel engine ranging from 2.6 to 27hp. They are ideal for generator plants and several other uses, only limited by your imagination. Don't forget though, if there is a use for these machines, the Chinese have probably done it! Look around and don't re-invent the wheel. Pulleys
We have just had an order of pulleys come in from China for the 650 rpm engines. They are solid steel, weigh about 20 lbs and are very well finished - a vast improvement on the older models. We also have matching bushings for the ST heads.

Weird Stuff
Occasionally I have stuff that comes in that I will never have time to get around to working with or making. Here you will find those things that may be of interest to you, I hope that you can make some sense of them!

Keywords: Electricity, Engines