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By: Durabody  09-12-2011
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Aluminum Truck Bodies

Standard Equipment

  • BODY PANELS 0.040" pre-painted white aluminum riveted 3" c/c to 1-1/2" "Z" posts on 24" centres.
  • Lower rail fasteners stainless with Mylar electrolysis barrier tape on lower rail connections.
  • Extrusions 6061-T-6 aluminum alloy.
  • Corners are AERODYNAMIC 5" sides and 9" top radius; cast aluminum to provide fuel savings.
  • REAR DOOR opening with R96DF Rollup door
  • REAR FRAME 11 ga. GALVANNEAL boxed HSLA steel with gusseted corners.
  • Shock transfer plates in rear sill where impact is constant.
  • GRAB HANDLES, 2 aluminum on rear door frame.
  • Entrance flush sill with built in 3/4" drain trough.
  • SCUFF PLATE 12" high corrugated each sidewall.
  • CRASH ANGLE formed 16" x 3"; bolted to floor and front bolster for extra strength.
  • 4 FRONT ATTACH PLATES welded to sub frame on the first member to retain the lower bulkhead.
  • SIDE WALLS with 3/8" plywood liner screwed on.
  • FRONT WALL with 1/2" plywood liner screwed on.
  • ROOF One piece 0.032" stretched, urethane bonded to pre-arched "I"-Beam aluminum; bows 24" c/c and rivets 2" c/c.
  • Sills 5" structural channel gusseted every second cross member.
  • Cross-members 4" pre-waxed, black undercoated I-Beams with #80,000 yield material 12" o/c.
  • FLOOR 1-3/8" pre-undercoated laminated hardwood with 2 screws per board per cross-member floorboards coated with boiled linseed oil.
  • Spray suppressant, black rubber flaps (PR).
  • INTERIOR DOME LIGHTS, surface mount comes with cab switch.
  • CLEARANCE LIGHTS Grote plug-in light system to CMVSS 108 standard.
  • Silicone rich heat shrink tube, di-electric grease.
  • AFTERFRAME as required.
  • Black undercoat on under-structure.
  • 1 year DURABODY warranty included.

Typical Options

  • Aluminum or FRP swing or Roll-up doors, (dry freight or insulated), stainless door rivets, 3 and 4 piece doors.
  • Hollow side doors 39" standard wide, other widths available. Rear doors aluminum or FRP.
  • Tie bars, "D" rings, Cargo tracks and various load-restraining devices.
  • Plywood interior wall liners 1/4" to 3/4" fastened with screws.
  • Insulation packages to suit various product temperatures.
  • Steel or aluminum diamond-plate, Inverted "T" anti-skid floors.
  • FRP white USDA approved for food handling interior wall liners. 100% caulked.
  • Scuff liner options, corrugated and smooth steel, Composite or laminated boards.
  • 12" side 1-1/2' "Z" post centres. SQUARE front.
  • Doghouse attics, ("Mattress box") up to 4' in front over cab.
  • FRP Translucent roof skin to replace aluminum for brighter interior effect.
  • Crash plates, 16" - 24", Threshold plates 12" - 48".
  • Extra Cross members in rear entrance or high load areas.
  • Tuk-Under or "Rail- gate" loaders, Walk ramps Eye-level post mounted tail-light brackets.
  • "U"-Bumpers, "Dock walloper" configurations and protective features.
  • STAINLESS corners, and rear door frames.
  • THRESHOLD PLATE 24" x 96" of 12 ga. steel routed flush.
  • Rubber dock bumpers, sidesteps, ventilators, heaters, refrigeration units, nosecone, etc.
  • Premium paint packages, striping.
  • Placards, Reflective "CONSPICUITY" tape.

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