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By: Durabody  09-12-2011
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Environmental Awareness

Being situated in one of the most beautiful and fertile farming communities outside of any major center, Durabody Industries Limited has always been sensitive to the need for clean air and water for the healthy growth of crops and the promotion of our green eco-systems. Durabody was amongst the first in our industry to embrace the use of "environmentally friendly" EPA approved under-coatings and paints for our products. We have undertaken to modify, adjust and refine our manufacturing processes to minimize harmful effluences and eliminate the use of toxic materials wherever possible. This is a continuing, never ending process for our design and production teams undertaken not only to preserve our environment, but to ensure a safe and healthy work area for all our personnel and neighbours.

By careful selection of materials and processes, the usefulness of this product can be tailored to the application and load ratings that the vehicle is expected to perform within. Similarly if price is a factor, the design configuration can be made such as to strike a balance between functionality and cost. The prospective buyer however, must always keep sight of the trade-offs between functionality to get the job done, overall lifecycle costs, and initial costs. As a quality manufacturer, Durabody must maintain a certain standard of excellence in the products it manufactures and may restrict the amount of acceptable tradeoff and cost cutting measures.

Durabody has manufactured trailers under its trade name since 1981. Due to the custom nature of the application or the trailer configuration itself, these products fill a niche which other manufacturers cannot satisfy. All products are designed and built to meet and exceed industry standards and must consider requirements to bear the load safely and economically to its destination. No engineering design is complete without due consideration of conformance to all legal issues inherent in operating in the patchwork of jurisdictions found throughout North America. Towards this end, the customer is expected to apprise us of the locale where the product is to be operated. Otherwise, all trailers are built to satisfy Ontario DOT standards as of the date of manufacture.

The variety and flexibility of add-ons to any body or trailer determines its usefulness to perform a specific function. The options that Durabody can provide, but is not limited to, are listed under each respective product specification.

Keywords: Trailers

Other products and services from Durabody


Durabody Industries Ltd. | Manufacturer of Truck Bodies and Trailers - truck frp

WALLS 3/4" white FRP Corrosion resistant lower rail connection design. CRASH ANGLE formed 16" x 3" bolted to floor and front bolster. No interior fasteners at the floor line to snag pallets. Under-ride bumpers and various protective features. STAINLESS corner posts, door frames, bumpers. REAR DOOR opening with R96DF Rollup door. 2 aluminum on rear door frame.


Durabody Industries Ltd. | Manufacturer of Truck Bodies and Trailers - truck curtainside

Large TRIANGULAR steel reinforcing corner gussets with nylock nuts distribute racking stresses through the entire roof structure. Stainless fasteners, inside thrust washer pads prevent curtain fasteners from pulling through the curtain material. Winch tracks, winch straps, tie rails, heavy duty floor "D" rings. ALUMINUM HD 6061-T-6 EXTRUDED self cleaning curtain top rail. LED lights or grommet mount sealed lights.


Durabody Industries Ltd. | Manufacturer of Truck Bodies and Trailers - truck aluminum

BODY PANELS 0.040" pre-painted white aluminum riveted 3" c/c to 1-1/2" "Z" posts on 24" centres. Lower rail fasteners stainless with Mylar electrolysis barrier tape on lower rail connections. FRONT ATTACH PLATES welded to sub frame on the first member to retain the lower bulkhead. Aluminum or FRP swing or Roll-up doors,, stainless door rivets, 3 and 4 piece doors.


Durabody Industries Ltd. | Manufacturer of Truck Bodies and Trailers - truck platform

Floors, 1/4" smooth or checker-plate steel, various thickness smooth and checkerplate steel overlays available. Clearance lights to CMVSS 108 mounted at 45 degrees in a protective steel fabricated bracket c/w reflectors. Rub-rail Structural angle 5" x 3- 1/2" x 1/4" each side and rear, Installed flush with floor. Stake racks with top and bottom cap protection channel over 3/4" Crezon-faced plywood.


Durabody Industries Ltd. | Manufacturer of Truck Bodies and Trailers - truck bodies

With the addition of a front wall, roof, curtain side walls and rear doors to the platform type of truck body, delicate cargo can be enclosed and protected from the elements without the operator having to struggle with tarpaulins in inclement weather. Given the application and load requirements that the product is expected to operate under, Durabody can design the most suitable configuration for your truck to do the job at hand.


Durabody Industries Ltd. | Manufacturer of Truck Bodies and Trailers - truck insulated

Insulation, urethane foam in place in walls and ceiling per application requirements. Isolated tubular steel to support reefer. 4" urethane foam in place under floor. Drain holes c/w self sealing hoses.