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By: Sunshield  09-12-2011
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General Description:
Sunshield is a high quality wood coating which provides a beautiful natural appearance and outstanding protection for all exterior wood surfaces. Easy and simple to apply, ideal for homes, cottages, doors and similar applications for durability and weather-resistance. This product is not to be applied to walked on surfaces. (See Sunshield Deck and Fence Stain informaion) This product is available in clear as well as colours.

Outstanding Properties:
Sunshield is fortified with U.V. absorbers to protect the wood from harmful bleaching effects of ultra-violet rays from the sun and assuring that wood properly coated with Sunshield retains its original colour with as little maintenance as possible. This superior wood coaring is formulated to prevent flaking and discolouration of surfaces providing the application instructions are adheard to. Sunshield has extraordinary flexibility allowing the finish to expand and contract with the wood through extreme climate changes. The finish resists crackin, chipping and peeling.

Available in the following colors:

Stir throughly before applying and every 15-20 minutes while applying. Sunshield can be applied in temperatures as low as 7°C (45°F). Exercise extreme care that the wood is absolutely dry before application. Apply generously to board ends to prevent moisture penetration. Apply 3 coats on initial application in the same year, allow 96 hours (4 days) drying time before applying the next coat.

For best results where any surface is exposed to maximum daytime sunlight we reccommend C-TONE (3 coats) on initial application. It should be noted that C-TONE will expose the natural warmth of the grain of the wood and although at first it appears slightly dark, will in time lighten due to increased U.V. exposure.

Sunshield should be brushed throughly into the surface. If rollers or spray guns are used in the application, Sunshield cannot gurantee the results. Sunshield is not recommended for floors, steps or walking surfaces. Sunshield may be applied over previously coated surfaces provided those surfaces are properly prepared, sanded or stripped as required. It should be noted that when the finish begins to slightly dull and loose its shine it is time to apply one good recoat. (This depends on the exposure to sunlight).

One (1) U.S. quart (946 mL) covers 95 sq ft. or 8 sq. metres. Rough wood coverage would be approximately 15% to 20% less coverage. For clean up, use mineral spirits. If spills are allowed to dry, paint remover may be necessary to remove the product. If applying to smooth or sanded wood, please consult your dealer regarding potential mill glaze problems.

Keywords: Coats, Exterior Wood, Wood, Wood Coating

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