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By: Nielsen Consulting  09-12-2011
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Occupational Hygiene Management Services Program Development
Nielsen Consulting designs and develops occupational hygiene management and surveillance programs. Our work extends from inventory of site hazards and the design of comprehensive monitoring plans, to complete program development and training. We also assist with the development of corporate policies and procedures, and establishing occupational hygiene standards for facility performance.Program Review & Improvement
Nielsen Consulting reviews existing occupational hygiene programs to help operations meet technical standards of practice and corporate risk reduction objectives. To improve program performance, the review highlights both strengths and shortcomings, and refocuses program delivery through clearly defined goals and operating guidelines. Risk Assessment
Nielsen Consulting evaluates corporate risk, including government regulatory compliance, liability from insurance premiums or penalties arising from occupational disease. This information enables companies to direct attention where needed most, and helps avoid unnecessary future risk through pre-emptive action. Hazard & Risk TrainingNielsen Consulting develops and delivers customized training seminars geared to educating workers and management about the risks of hazardous agents in the workplace. The content is customer-specific, relating directly to the unique conditions at the client’s operations.Worker training emphasizes:
• Hazard awareness and health implications
• Control of exposure, and working safely with hazardous agents
• Regulatory obligations and rights
• Company policies and programsManagement orientation includes:
• Risk profile of workplace hazards
• Potential liabilities
• Control strategies & specific measures
• Best practices
Assessment Services
Facility Auditing
Our audits provide a preliminary risk evaluation for hazardous agents at a facility. Nielsen Consulting has performed occupational hygiene audits in many settings, from small manufacturing plants to large mining operations. They serve to:
• Identify and isolate existing and potential problems through an inventory of hazards
• Highlight possible non-compliance conditions
• Direct further action
• Document potential risks and liabilities Industrial Air Quality Studies
As a core part of our business, air quality studies at industrial facilities range from routine testing to detailed multi-facility surveys and intensive monitoring at large sites. Our depth of experience includes:
• Worker exposure studies for regulatory compliance and employee health risk
• Remedial control measures advising
• Process emission characterization and contaminant identification
• Engineering control studies for pre-design data collection and commissioning testing Noise Measurement
Nielsen Consulting conducts noise level surveys ranging in scope from basic employee exposure studies to detailed source analysis. Our services include:
• Noise characterization, area surveys and sound intensity mapping
• Worker exposure evaluation by personal dosimetry
• Octave band analysis for source studies and hearing protection optimization Heat Stress Evaluation
As a first step in preventing possible health damage, accident or injury from collapse or loss of consciousness, we perform heat stress analysis in environments where thermal trauma may be a significant occupational hygiene risk factor. Our service offering includes area heat stress mapping, source characterization and worker dosimetry.
Office Air Quality

Nielsen Consulting diagnoses and resolves indoor air quality problems in commercial offices and other non-industrial environments. Our experience includes work in many indoor environments: large office towers, banks, and a variety of other commercial buildings. We fulfill many needs, including:
• Complete air quality investigations
• Occupant exposure risk evaluation
• HVAC system diagnosis
• Engineering data collection
• Remedial measures consulting.Office Air Quality Audits
The site audit involves physical inspection and occupant and building management interviews to assess possible IAQ problem sources. It relates health symptoms with physical conditions and likely contaminants, and provides direction by outlining potential problems and focusing air testing thereon. Office Air Quality Testing
To support the outcome of the audit and gauge the severity of the problem, air testing identifies and quantifies specific airborne contaminants to assess occupant exposure. Findings are compared with reported health effects and established exposure guidelines. For basic IAQ screening purposes, we will perform air surveys independent of an audit. This is done for assessment of compliance with standards and guidelines, or when a full audit is not required. Reporting and Communication
Nielsen Consulting considers open dialogue and communication an important element in the success of each engagement. Each technical project concludes with a comprehensive written summary of all aspects of the work performed, including study criteria, survey methods, data, interpretation of results, and a synopsis of recommendations for future action. We deliver clear, readable documents which follow a logical structure and are easily understood by the layperson, but contain all information required for management decision making.

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