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By: Merrit Building Solutions  09-12-2011
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In-Suite Fan Coil Maintenance

The in-suite fan coil unit provides air conditioning (summer) or heating (winter) in the condominium unit it serves.  It has a number of internal components: water coil, supply air fan and motor, condensate drain pan, control valve, etc., and is controlled by a wall mounted space thermostat.  It requires regular maintenance to ensure proper operation.  Inefficient operation will affect its cooling/heating performance.  Furthermore, in-suite fan coil units are an integral part of the building central cooling and heating system, their inability to perform efficiently will ultimately affect the efficiency of the central system, resulting in higher system maintenance costs as well as higher operating (energy) costs.

Additionally, fan motors require lubricating or inevitably will fail resulting in costly repairs.  For these reasons we recommend a regular program be implemented. As previously mentioned, the fan coil unit is equipped with a condensate drain pan designed to collect the condensation that formed on the water coil during the cooling process (dehumidification).  The condensation is drained away from the pan through a drain line.  Occasionally, the drain line may become clogged, causing the drain pan to overflow.  This will result in property damage, not only within the suite it is located in but also the suite(s) below.  Our semi-annual maintenance program will ensure the fan coil unit is properly cleaned and operating efficiently.  As a matter of interest, should the unit components simultaneously fail, the cost of such a repair would be in excess of $2,000.00.  Finally, efficient operation of the units will help to reduce the building energy consumption.

In-Suite Dryer Vent Maintenance

Lack of maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires. The key to dryer performance is optimal airflow, this helps prevent the dryer from overheating and potentially causing a fire.  A plugged vent will certainly cause a dryer to run hotter and increase the chance that something could catch fire. A dirty vent, however, is only one link in a chain of events that must occur for a fire to start. Other events may include: failure of thermostat and limit switches in the dryer, lint inside the dryer, a missing or damaged lint screen, and a crushed hose behind the dryer. Some of our competitors employ "scare tactics" and reprint newspaper articles about fires caused by dryers. Though fire hazards may be exaggerated, many fire departments and insurance companies do require that dryer vents be inspected and cleaned regularly. Merrit can help minimize the risk of a dryer fire. Maximum dryer performance and safety can be achieved with periodic maintenance. In turn, saving you money by extending the life of your dryer and cost energy cost.  The solution to efficient and safe clothes drying is periodic cleaning.

When our professional technicians inspect your clothes dryer exhaust duct, we completely disassemble the dryer and conduct a thorough cleaning of all internal components. We then make sure there are no obstructions and we verify that the correct type of vent is in use and installed properly. Our service technician will unhook the connection piece that runs between the dryer and the vent. We'll run the vent cleaning equipment from the dryer side out to the end of the vent while using an industrial type air blowing motor.

Once the cleaning equipment has traveled the length of the vent enough times to thoroughly clean the vent, we'll clean out the connection piece, reattach your dryer and recheck. Our company uses the highest quality, most advanced system of its type to solve your dryer's lint problem safely and effectively.

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Keywords: dryer, Fan Coil Unit

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