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By: Insanely Great Sales Keynotes  09-12-2011

Not So Crazy Sales Products

Christopher’s Signature Keynote:

"How to Join the Top 1% Sales Club!,
How Salespeople Become Insanely Great! "
(50 minutes in length)

Is now available on DVD, CD or MP3.

This is a general sales keynote. All corporate keynotes are adapted,
tailored, customized
and personalized for each specific group.

For quantities of five or more please call 1.888.376.2464 for volume pricing.

Congratulations on your commitment to excellence.

Christopher is often asked what are his favorite sales training materials. The following five CD sets are true classics and should be in every one's personal library.

How To Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie
Probably the best sales book ever. Secrets of Closing The Sale - Zig Ziglar
Be inspired to be the best you can become.How To Master The Art of Selling Anything - Tom Hopkins
Learn probably the highest concentration of sales techniques in one place.First Things First - Stephen R. Covey, A. Roger Merrill and Rebecca R. Merrill
Probably the finest time management series ever produced.New Relationship Strategies: Using the Platinum Rule to Create Instant Rapport - Tony Alessandra
A masterpiece explaining personality and behavior styles and patterns. 

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