By: Gendon  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cables

Gendon Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LS0H)
Polyolefin Compounds
for Wire & Cable

Shipboard & Offshore Oil Rigs
Both commercial and military (e.g. mil D 24643) shipboard
requirements can be met with our LS0H compounds. Severe high temperature fluid resistance and low temperature performance are highlighted with these products and they are used in oil platform, submarine and other offshore applications.    Genflam 0H-1
Genflam XLPO-2
Genflam XLOH-R .
MGenfil BD-1(Bedding Compound)

Mass Transit
Compounds designed for use in rolling stock and stationary
applications such as tunnels and subway systems where excellent
fluid resistance, heat ageing, low toxicity and smoke generation
are required. These products can be tailored to meet the
specific requiremetns of various civil transporation authorities.
Genflam XLOH-R-BK-T
Genflam XLOH-3-T

Data Cable
These products are used in the manufacture of copper and fiber
optic cables that need to meet riser and plenum requirements.
Genflam products include compounds for insulation, dividers,
fillers, buffer tubes and jackets and are designed to replace
or reduce quantites of expensive fluoropolymers
in various constructions.
Genflam DC-10
Genflam CW (Natural)

PV (Solar) Cable
Compounds designed, tested and used to manufacture photovoltaic
cables that meet the strenuous requirements of TUV and UL.
These products have proven to exceed all requirements
including long-term, high temperature ageing.
Genflam PV
Genflam PV-R

.Industrial Cable
Genflam LS0H compounds are used in a wide range of industrial
cables for mining operations, tray cables, telecommunication
and many other applications where concern for
public safety and damage due to aggressive smoke
and acid gas generation are present.
Gendon has a primary insulation compound that meets the two week
hot water insulation, meets flame test VW-1 and is
under testing for long term hot water insulation.

Other Compounds
Genflam CIC-3
Fluoroelastomer Compounds
HNBR Compounds
Flame Retardant Concentrates

Keywords: Cables