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By: Enermotion  09-12-2011
Keywords: transportation, alternative energy, energy systems

Hybrid Transportation

EnerMotion is providing advanced hybrid energy systems for the trucking industry. The focus is on reducing operating expenses while meeting anti-idling laws with improved


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Industry and government fleet operators looking to reduce their transportation operating expenses while minimizing business disruptions will find EnerMotion's alternative energy and hybrid system expertise an ideal solution that is long overdue.

With dependency on crude oil consuming far too many political and economic resources, EnerMotion has alternatives and solutions for personal transportation, fleet operators, trucking companies and socially responsible corporations seeking reduced operating expenses.

Keywords: alternative energy, energy systems, Hybrid Energy, Hybrid Energy Systems, Hybrid System, transportation, Trucking Industry,

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enermotion :: Fleet Managers

By simulating fleet drive cycles in our specialized hybrid modeling software, we're able to define the most appropriate course of hybrid transformation for your specific drivers, vehicles and route requirements. EnerMotion's hybrid expertise is the perfect solution for fleet mangers seeking new and innovative methods to reduce their fleet's overall operating costs while minimizing business disruption.


enermotion :: Trucking Industry

They proceed with a detailed implementation plan for retrofitting your trucking fleet - from small scale to large scale deployment, EnerMotion and its team of experienced partners execute your hybrid transformation professionally and thoroughly.


enermotion :: System Integration Services

EnerMotion's experience in business process re-engineering and project management along with hybrid control system development and engineered alternative energy solutions provides clients with an unparalleled commitment to quality. Designing a hybrid system or developing an alternative energy solution requires a sophisticated, thoroughly planned out and expertly executed system integration effort.


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EnerMotion's professional services team has the experience and toolset required to capture a thorough understanding of the clients business drivers, recommend an appropriate energy strategy and then execute custom deliverables in a cost effective manner. EnerMotion recognizes clients are different, with unique corporate mandates, market challenges, social responsibilities and value propositions for their own customers.


enermotion :: EnerMotion Services

Computer Modeling Through advanced computer simulation and modeling techniques, EnerMotion will model your present transportation scenario and recommend the most appropriate integration of the company's Hybrid energy system. All configurations are simulated in our own modeling dynamics software and proven through bench testing and real-world driving cycle modes by EnerMotion's highly qualified engineering team.