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By: Enermotion  09-12-2011
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Fleet Managers and Operators

EnerMotion's hybrid expertise is the perfect solution for fleet mangers seeking new and innovative methods to reduce their fleet's overall operating costs while minimizing business disruption. To improve client response times while still operating efficiently is a challenge EnerMotion understands intimately. We specialize in hybrid transformations, conversions, modifications, and retrofits across multiple verticals to solve your fuel consumption crisis and improve your bottom line exponentially.


By simulating fleet drive cycles in our specialized hybrid modeling software, we're able to define the most appropriate course of hybrid transformation for your specific drivers, vehicles and route requirements. EnerMotion makes every effort to understand your business from fleet maintenance schedules to delivery schedules. We know that different routes demand different performance and economy levels. We strive to define a clear set of goals and objectives based on these specific energy and motion rules.


Our qualified professional engineers gain knowledge in your current fleet operations plan and seek out to design and develop an appropriate level of hybrid transformation. Starting with advanced computer modeling techniques developed and fine tuned by our engineering team, EnerMotion simulates exact route cycles currently in use by your drivers. From there we define hybrid options for varying states of fuel economy and performance to meet these business needs. At this stage; we proceed with a detailed implementation plan for retrofitting your fleet - from local city routes to cross country treks, EnerMotion and its team of experienced partners will execute your hybrid transformation professionally and thoroughly.


Now is the time, with rising fuel costs, energy security concerns and increased competition you really can't afford to wait any longer. The situation for fleet managers in the trucking and courier industry is only going to get worse before it gets any better. Your fuel costs have eroded your profit base for much too long. Should the price of a barrel of oil dip slightly next month, it's only a matter of time before it skyrockets again. Why operate with these energy related constraints when you don't have to. EnerMotion has the answer for you now.


EnerMotion is located close to the Canada/US border in one of the largest cities in North America. We can respond quickly and effectively to your challenges and will meet with you on site to discuss your transformation into a hybrid world of energy and motion.


Because EnerMotion will:

  • Reduce your fuel consumption,
  • Lower your operating costs,
  • Increase the service life of your fleet, and
  • Improve your bottom line. Fleet Services Include:
  • Driver Training - Hyper-miling Techniques
  • Route Improvements
  • Environmental Recycle and Reuse Technology
  • Alternative Energy Systems - Mobile and Stationary (Corporate office, remote locations)
  • Hybrid component level applications
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Automated Driver System Controls
  • Mass and Aero Reduction Technologies
  • Keywords: Computer Modeling, Fuel, Fuel Costs, Professional Engineers, Qualified Professional Engineers

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    They proceed with a detailed implementation plan for retrofitting your trucking fleet - from small scale to large scale deployment, EnerMotion and its team of experienced partners execute your hybrid transformation professionally and thoroughly.


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    EnerMotion's experience in business process re-engineering and project management along with hybrid control system development and engineered alternative energy solutions provides clients with an unparalleled commitment to quality. Designing a hybrid system or developing an alternative energy solution requires a sophisticated, thoroughly planned out and expertly executed system integration effort.


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    EnerMotion's professional services team has the experience and toolset required to capture a thorough understanding of the clients business drivers, recommend an appropriate energy strategy and then execute custom deliverables in a cost effective manner. EnerMotion recognizes clients are different, with unique corporate mandates, market challenges, social responsibilities and value propositions for their own customers.


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    With dependency on crude oil consuming far too many political and economic resources, EnerMotion has alternatives and solutions for personal transportation, fleet operators, trucking companies and socially responsible corporations seeking reduced operating expenses.


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    Computer Modeling Through advanced computer simulation and modeling techniques, EnerMotion will model your present transportation scenario and recommend the most appropriate integration of the company's Hybrid energy system. All configurations are simulated in our own modeling dynamics software and proven through bench testing and real-world driving cycle modes by EnerMotion's highly qualified engineering team.