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By: Enermotion  09-12-2011
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EnerMotion Services

EnerMotion designs and develops hybrid energy power solutions - specializing in transportation applications.


EnerMotion's team of professional engineers and designers have over 120 years of combined hybrid electric vehicle and alternative energy power experience. We can design and build hybrid energy system for numerous modes of transportation applications - call us for a complete list of past and present hybrid projects. 

EnerMotion will retrofit your current truck fleet with our auxiliary Hybrid energy configuration to significantly your improve your bottom line and re-capture lost profits. Applications include:

  • Class 8 Heavy Trucks, (short and long haul requirements - LTL or FTL, car carriers)
  • Class 7 and 6 Trucks (cement mixers, dump trucks, sanitation trucks, fire trucks, cargo/delivery vans, etc)
  • RV's
  • Buses
  • Passenger Vehicles under development

    We can modify, retrofit or transform your heavy truck fleet to increase performance, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions and improve your bottom line .

    Computer Modeling
    Through advanced computer simulation and modeling techniques, EnerMotion will model your present transportation scenario and recommend the most appropriate integration of the company's Hybrid energy system.

    Reduce Transportation Operating Costs
    EnerMotion clients are able to reduce their motorized-based operating expenses while saving the planet.

    EnerMotion advances innovation in key areas of hybrid design and execution, specifically:

  • The integration and practical application of these hybrid technologies vastly improves vehicle efficiency while significantly lowering operating costs. This winning combination of clean efficient energy with improved motion dynamics is the goal of every EnerMotion project and for every EnerMotion client seeking cost savings and a greener environment.
    Bringing various types of propulsion systems together is a challenge, making them function as an integrated power system is a necessity. EnerMotion is making advances in Hybrid Control Systems to achieve seamless integration and operation of the controllers, inverters, generators, engines, motors and system level components. All configurations are simulated in our own modeling dynamics software and proven through bench testing and real-world driving cycle modes by EnerMotion's highly qualified engineering team.
    Energy recovery (recuperation) is the ability to capture and/or harness heat (energy) within the operating systems of a vehicle in motion. Our patent pending technology and methods are closely guarded - please contact us directly for a demonstration.
    Re-generative braking captures heat (energy) generated from the mechanical braking of slowing a vehicle from speed. At EnerMotion, we're advancing this technology to maximize energy recovery while improving vehicle and driver interaction. The result is consistent and dependable braking effort, reduced stopping distances and the added benefit of usable energy for increased mileage requirements in hybrid driveline configurations.
    With increased demands for creature comforts, while traveling in a daily commute or delivering an overnight express package just-in-time for a customer, vehicle electronics and electrical systems require increased energy for proper functioning. EnerMotion believes comfort and safety do not have to be compromised in name of efficiency and environmental responsibility.
    Minimizing weight, without sacrificing safety is a mantra of every project at EnerMotion. Our design methods exploit material strengths to improve structural rigidity while minimizing overall vehicle mass. Our engineering team redefines the envelop of aerodynamics by creatively applying drag minimization techniques to areas of vehicle design with the sole purpose of increasing mileage. EnerMotion's efforts with trucking, tour operator, courier, and mass transit industries will provide substantial cost savings for transportation based business operations.
    EnerMotion doesn't deal in tradeoffs and compromises, the company's design principles ensure vehicle and occupant safety remain top priorities. Their hybrid energy system specifically addresses driver fatigue and comfort.
    Paramount to EnerMotion's engineering team is our commitment to the environment. Recognizing that transportation needs are critical to society from a social and economic perspective (and not a burden as some would contend), we are developing innovative emission reduction technologies to help reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. This philosophy is also adopted for manufacturing techniques including recycling and reuse whenever possible.
    Energy is available in various natural sustainable forms including, wind, solar, and hydro (dams) and can be produced by various methods such as fusion and hydrogen 'extraction' (refer to page). The common and most practiced method of delivering energy for transportation is the burning of fossil fuels. EnerMotion is focused on optimizing gasoline and diesel fuels while promoting and developing renewable sources and environmentally friendly renewable energy options.WHY?
    Because it's Time to Take the Next Step to Alternative Energy Sources, Better Mileage and a Cleaner Environment… As stated above; the expert integration and practical application of EnerMotion's hybrid technologies will vastly improve transportation efficiency while significantly lowering overall fleet operating costs.System Integration Services
    Deploying an innovative energy solution requires the highly qualified professional services team from EnerMotion consisting of a knowledgeable project manager, system integration specialists, and professional engineers all with practical hybrid application experience.Learn more about EnerMotion's System Integration services .
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