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Parts install and replacement, general trouble shooting, etc.

Includes removal of AD/SPYWARE. A general clean-up of the windows system is usually needed with most virus removal procedures. This includes windows updates, stopping the start-up programs, disk clean-up and defragmenting the hard drive. The end result is a virus free computer operating faster than before.

RECOMMENDED: Ask the techs to install the latest virus scan software                             and to upgrade the RAM in the computer to 1 or 2GB

Sometimes the windows system is beyond repair, or too expensive to fix. Thats when the hard drive should be formatted. This erases the drive of all programs and files and tests the hard drive against defects. Then we reload windows and download most of its updates. Next we install the program drivers that run the video, sound, modem, network cards that are inside the computer. At the end of this procedure we run the disk clean-up and defragment to help make the windows run as fast as possible. The end result is a computer that will run as good as, or better than new, with all the updates to help windows run better and to keep out viruses. If you need to know more about saving files or programs before a hard drive is formatted, please read the sections below about WINDOWS PROBLEMS and DATA BACK-UP. NOTE: Installing windows does not install any other programs like Microsoft Word or Excel.

Is your windows running slow, getting a "stop" or "blue screen" ? Most freezes and glitches can be easily fixed. Sometimes its best to erase the hard drive ( this erases windows ) and reload the computer. All programs, files, settings and windows will be destroyed in this process but the end result will be a fast, good as the day you bought it - running like new computer. If you need your data to be saved, see DATA BACK-UP.

This service saves the files you have made or downloaded like photos, music, Word and Excel documents, etc. What it will not save is the programs that you installed from CD's or downloaded from the internet.

When your files have been saved from a back-up, they won't open unless you have installed the program that was used to create the files. For example, if you borrowed the Microsoft Word program from a friend, installed it on your computer, and later your hard drive was erased. Even the backed-up Word files will not open unless Microsoft Word is re-installed, ie. resume file.


  • BASIC:          inexpensive, fastest of the back-ups
  • SOFTWARE: when a basic back-up can't be done we use a special                      software program that may be able to retrieve the                           data, this option could take 1 to 5 days
  • HARDWARE: the hard drive gets shipped out to a data recovery                       centre, more expensive, takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Setting up all of your computers to share files, printers, the internet and more.


Setting up routers, computers, laptops and other devices on a wirleless network with security so no one else can get in.

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Today there are a variety of easy ways to do this by using external hard drives or DVD-RW, USB flash drives and card readers. The compitions phone support is over seas, the repair centre is out of town and usualy not where the computer was purchased. Laptop accessories like power cords, bags, speakers, security cables, mini mice, external numberic key pads. These are just a few reasons why our customers keep coming back.