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By: Dc Computers  09-12-2011

Competitive prices, local in store service and local phone support. These are just a few reasons why our customers keep coming back. The compitions phone support is over seas, the repair centre is out of town and usualy not where the computer was purchased.

Laptop accessories like power cords, bags, speakers, security cables, mini mice, external numberic key pads.

We have wireless printers, ink, color laser and multifunction. Ask the staff what is the best printer for your needs. Picking the right one can save a lot of money on cartridges in the long run. Just another way we like to help.

Saving your pictures, music and whatever data you may have it the most importaint thing you can do. Today there are a variety of easy ways to do this by using external hard drives or DVD-RW, USB flash drives and card readers. We would be more than happy to show you have to do so, we can even write out how to do it in three easy to understand steps. We can always replace your computer, but you can never replace your data.

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Setting up routers, computers, laptops and other devices on a wirleless network with security so no one else can get in. At the end of this procedure we run the disk clean-up and defragment to help make the windows run as fast as possible. This includes windows updates, stopping the start-up programs, disk clean-up and defragmenting the hard drive. A general clean-up of the windows system is usually needed with most virus removal procedures.