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Carmeuse Lime & Stone manufactures a complete range of lime and limestone products to meet the needs of a variety of industries. These product categories include:

  • Limestone

  • Quicklime

  • Hydrated Lime

  • Milk of Lime (Aquacal)

All Carmeuse products are produced from high quality natural deposits of Limestone. The limestone is quarried or mined and then graded. The graded limestone is sized and fed to the limekiln to be converted into quicklime. Limestone is converted to quicklime by heating to over 900°C.

The resulting


is graded for size and shipped to customers for many uses, including steel manufacture, flue gas desulfurization, paper manufacture and water treatment. Carmeuse supplies both High-Calcium Lime and Dolomitic Lime. High Calcium Lime is produced from limestone containing over 98% calcium carbonate, whereas Dolomitic Lime is produced from limestone containing a mixture of calcium and magnesium carbonates.

Pulverized quicklime, a fine powder form of quicklime, is used to manufacture specialized blended products for the steelmaking industry. These products can be further "fluidized", giving them flow characteristics of liquids, providing the steelmaker with opportunities for improved product application methods.

Further processing of quicklime produces Hydrated Lime and Milk of Lime ("Aquacal" range of products).

Hydrated Lime

is produced by adding just enough water to quicklime to react and form calcium hydroxide, a dry free flowing powder product with many uses ranging from water and waste treatment to road construction.

Milk of Lime (Aquacal)

products are produced by forming a slurry of lime (quicklime or hydrate products) in water. Aquacal products provide a highly convenient form of lime for many industrial applications, including water purification, and the treatment of acid waste streams, where liquid product application is required.

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