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By: Et Nurse  09-12-2011

 Foods to thicken stool
   Foods that loosen stool
 -Banana    -Chocolate
 -Rice    -Raw fruits
 -Bread    -Raw Vegetables
 -Potatoes    -Highly spiced foods
 -Tapioca    -Fried foods
 -Yogurt    -Greasy foods
 -Pasta / Noodles    -Prune juice
 -Pretzels    -Leafy greens
 -Soda crackers    

 Chlorophyll Complex Gel Capsules
 Such as "Swiss Natural" can be obtained at health food stores.
 -Take one capsule with meals.
 Devko charcoal deodorant tablets
 Can be placed into the pouch after it is emptied and rinsed or into a new pouch.
 -These can be obtained at ostomy supply stores.
 Mason M9 deodorant drops
 -Can be placed into the emptied and rinsed pouch or a new pouch.
 Citrus II room deodorant spray
 -Can be obtained at ostomy supply stores.
 Light a match, blow it out and drop it in the toilet.
 Just a drop
 -Available at Walmart.

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ET Nurse Services - services

When wounds are assessed to be healable, provide product and treatment options to improve/heal these wounds, make necessary referrals to other health care professionals when required, provide specialized care. Provide education to patients, family and health care providers regarding how to prevent wounds, how to treat wounds, product selection, treatment administration, specialized treatments.


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At ET Nurse Services, we are trained and knowledgable about the various products and services offered by Canadian suppliers and manufacturers. In Canada there are 3 major manufacturers of ostomy, wound and continence products - Hollister, Convatec and Coloplast.