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By: Dicam Landscaping  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lawn Maintenance, Lawn, lawn and garden

We will strive to encourage a healthy lawn and garden by maintaining weekly visits and manicuring the landscape as needed to create a healthy living environment for your grass and plants to grow. Each visit we will assess your lawn and communicate with you what we have given attention to and what might be required to maintain optimum lawn and garden health.
Seasonal Services Offered:

•Preparation of all perennials, shrubs and roses for proper growth and bloom
•Structural pruning of all tress and shrubs (mature tress treated separately)
•Thorough clean-up of winter debris and cleaning of all drives, walks and patios
•Preparation of planting beds
•Defining of tree rings, bed edges, and lawn edges
•Overseeding and repairs of poor lawn areas with appropriate seed mixtures
•Core-plug aeration of compacted and heavy thatched turf areas
•Season-appropriate custom-blended fertilizers for turf areas
•Pre-emergent crabgrass control and broadleaf weed control in all turf areas Summer:
•Directional, patterned mowing, trimming and edging of all turf areas
•Collection and disposal of all grass clippings, trimmings or debris (Extra Charge)
•Season-appropriate, custom-blended fertilizers for all turf areas (x2)
•Monitor & diagnose for pests and disease in turf and plants (treatments are extra)
•Pruning, shaping, clipping and dead-heading of all annuals, perennials, shrubs, vines, ground covers, hedges and ornamental trees
•Broadleaf weed control for all turf areas
•Weeding, cultivating and edging of all planting bed areas
•Installation and adjustment of guy wires, stakes, peony rings. Etc… Fall:
•Summer services as required
•Clean-up and disposal of spent annuals and fall leaves
•Winter preparation of perennials, roses, and other plantings as required
•Winter protection of marginal plantings
•Late fall fertilizers for all turf areas NOTE: Final clean-up date to be set by conditions – not by a calendar date.

Keywords: Lawn, lawn and garden, Lawn Maintenance, Planting Beds