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By: Bio-ag Consultants  09-12-2011
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We supply highly biologically active premixes to conventional and organic markets. Bio-Ag premixes in many respects look no different in the surface than any other competitor premix. However, one of the decidedly outstanding features of this premix is the effect of using the copper, iron, cobalt, zinc and manganese choline citrate chelates. Basically, at the level of the cell, there has to be vitamins, minerals, enzymes and oxygen brought into the cell and this is accomplished by citric acid or the citric acid cycle or Kreb cycle as it is known.

Inside this cell, there are countless points - at this point in time, eight in theory, which is almost coincidental to an 8-cylinder motor. If one of those pistons does not fire properly, the motor does not produce optimum power. It is the same in the cell. As this person or animal brings these nutrients into the cell, one has to remember that all 8 cylinders in this Kreb cycle also need to fire. When this is all finished, it is also important to carry away the waste. The analogy would be to compare a farmer filling a gravity wagon out in the field with corn or soybeans. That gravity wagon full of feed is absolutely useless until you hook a tractor onto the wagon. The tractor corresponds to the citric acid. The tractor then has to pull that gravity wagon to where it can be unloaded and sent to the proper area to get maximum use out of that corn or soybeans. When the wagon is empty, the tractor/citric acid takes away the empty wagon or used material from the cell.

The other thing that is also of marked difference is the fact that Bio-Ag premixes do not use sodium selenite but instead use selenium yeast as a source of selenium. We know that this product does not have the toxic side effects associated with straight sodium selenite.

We have paid attention to the idea of having good micro flora in the G.I. tract of the animal. To this end, the addition of our new probiotic/enzyme product, Enzolac, is a very important feature of the premix. The probiotic/enzyme combination, first of all, establishes the proper pH in the stomach and digestive system. The enzyme which is a plant source enzyme contains numerous types of enzymes and many features that stimulate the immune defense mechanism of the animal. Witness the recent hog study in which we were able to demonstrate a 30% to 50% increase in white blood cells. We also saw far less heavy metals passing through the manure because of the chelates and because of the ability of these enzymes to break down and utilize more of the minerals therefore producing better mineralization and healthier animals.

In total, Bio-Ag premixes pay a lot of attention to the correct amounts of elements such as methionine, lysine, niacin, vitamin K, biotin, etc. We believe that each animal can put out its genetic potential if the proper nutrition is in place.

Keywords: Animals

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