Raising Responsible Children

Raising Responsible Children from The Centre for Family Preservation & Wellness

By: The Centre for Family Preservation & Wellness  20-07-2010
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Responsible person is one who cares others and thinks about doing well to his society, nation and for the whole mankind. It is the common goal of every parent, despite of geographical diversities and cultures, to create responsible children tend to be more self-reliant and mutually supporting who can eventually find their way to successful life. Parental behavior lays the basic foundation for a child’s personality development and character formation. Parents who love, respect and care for each other provide the best role model for their children, who watch parental behavior closely and believe, for the most part, that everything their parents say and do is right.

Raising responsible children doesn't have to cost, it’s a fortune! Spend a little time with them caring and feeling good, because children are like sponges –they quickly integrate what they are exposed to, whether it is good or bad. Parents need to be mindful of how their behavior in turn affects their children’s behavior, concentration, focus, overall health, performance and efficacy. Children need a home environment that is physically and emotionally safe for them to progress emotionally, spiritually and cognitively. Children reared in a home where co-operation and compromise is commonplace, learn how to share and solve problems better. This also stimulates cognitive development and processing, communication and critical thinking.

Like adults, children also need reasonable amount of structure to function properly, appropriate to their age and ability. Having a structure gives them predictability to their day, instills internal discipline, skill-development in organization and planning; all of which is necessary to be academically successful.
Parents have different ideas on how to discipline children and what works for one child may not work for another. Likewise, what worked when a child was two years old may not work when he/she is five years old. The whole area of discipline is a complicated topic as the method itself will be motivated, influenced and molded by so many factors such as one’s upbringing personality make-up, expectations of child etc. Parents who love and care for each other demonstrate basic values and ethical behaviors necessary for responsible living.

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