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By: Quinte Home Inspection  09-12-2011
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Pre Purchase/Sale Inspection

A visual examination of the grounds, and all components of the structure and all installed equipment. Inspections of typical houses take 2-4 hours. A written report of 10-14 pages, including a summary plus digital photos, is prepared for you on-the-spot or e-mailed to you usually within 12- 24 hours. Whether you are selling or buying let one of our Professional Inspectors help you locate and solve any current or potential problems that might be in the development stage. Allowing you to get the maximum current market value if selling or help you set-up your budget to turn your new home into your Dream Home.

Phased In New Construction Inspections

There are four components of a phased inspection: footing inspection, foundation inspection, rough-in inspection and final inspection. Written reports are provided after each phase with notation of any details observed that do not comply with building codes. Reports are successively longer as construction progresses. The final report is a full home inspection report. Defects that are deviations from the building codes will be noted.

New Home Warranty Inspection

A full home inspection scheduled near the end of the builder's warranty period, to complete the final defect list for the builder before the warranty expires.

Remodeling Inspection

Like the phased inspections of new construction these inspections concentrate on Code compliance. These inspections are especially important because remodeling work is often not inspected by the local building official.

Energy Savings Inspections

A visual inspection by one of our highly trained inspectors that will help you to make your home more Energy Efficient. The inspection should take 2-3 hours and will include many of the areas of your home we cover in a pre-purchase Inspection with special emphasis placed on heating, air conditioning and insulation. With the price of electricity, natural gas, propane and even wood all on the rise, it makes good sense to have your home working for you.. not against you.

Keywords: home inspection